Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Hello, Bookmark Collectors!

Last time we took a look at my (unintentional) bookmark collection, I just barely scratched the surface, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to take a look at more.

Probably the easiest category for anyone to procure is what I call Advertising. Lots of places have freebies, and it's amazing how looking through my advertising bookmarks took me on a stroll down Memory Lane. Not to worry, I've included bookmarks from other categories, too!

I spent a lot of money at Brentano's. I wish I still could. *sigh*

I love Port Townsend, and I bought some wonderful books about its history at this bookstore.

This one is 45 years old. See those dark edges on either side? That's from all the underlining I did in my college textbooks because-- of course-- all my lines had to be straight! (A well-ordered mind and all that...)

This one is 25 years old and is laminated with real pressed flowers.

This one belonged to my mother and has a quote from one of my favorite writers.

This is the bookmark I normally used when reading a book in a location with a high probability of being interrupted.

A magnetic bookmark from one of my absolute favorite places in England.

A holographic favorite for the season.

That's all for now. Who knows? I may be doing this again in the future. Since so much of my reading is done on my Kindle now, I don't use many bookmarks, and I've been enjoying going through my collection.


  1. They are all wonderful, especially the keepsakes from years ago. What sentimental value they have.

    I use bookmarks or postcard ads I get in the mail. Friends have given me plastic-covered photos or artwork.

    I, too, wish the bookstores which give out bookmarks still existed.

    I got to rush into Barnes and Noble after a doctor's appointment last week, just to smell and look at the books. No time to look through them. But kist seeing new books on tables and shalves made me high, really.

    I am reading a few things at the library website, but I only got samples, but have to wait for the whole book on Overdrive. I am waiting for the real books, too.

    1. Ah, to walk into a bookstore again... I'm glad you had the opportunity even if you couldn't stay long.

  2. I love these bookmarks, Cathy! They have their own personalities, and I can see how they'd be a little 'memory vacation' for you. I use bookmarks as giveaways when I do signings or other 'meet the reader' things, and they are popular. There's just something about them. I especially like the one that says, 'I'm not deaf. I'm ignoring you.' Brilliant!

    1. I have to admit that "I'm Not Deaf..." is one of my particular favorites, and I have a ton of author bookmarks. Who could pass them up?

  3. Those flowers are pristine after 25 years, sealed or not!

    I enjoyed this post - I'm a collector myself. ;-)

    1. Always good to hear from a fellow collector!

  4. Just the smell and sight of tables and shelves of books makes me happy. I couldn't spent a long time there, and, of course, the cafeteria is closed due to Covid-19. But, even a few minutes was worth it.


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