Sunday, July 12, 2020

Win an Autographed Copy of J.A. Jance's Credible Threat!

It's been awhile since my last giveaway, probably because reading a lot of eBooks meant that I had nothing to give away, but now I do have something: an autographed hardcover copy of J.A. Jance's Credible Threat.

I reviewed the book just a few days ago, if you care to refresh your memory, and here's a synopsis of the book:

"Years after her son’s fatal overdose, grieving mother Rachel Higgins learns that his addiction may have grown out of damage suffered at the hands of a pedophile priest while he was in high school. Looking for vengeance, she targets the Catholic Church’s most visible local figure, Archbishop Francis Gillespie. When the archbishop begins receiving anonymous threats, local police dismiss them, saying they’re not credible. So he turns to his friends, Ali Reynolds and her husband, B. Simpson.

With B. out of the country on a cybersecurity emergency, it’s up to Ali to track down the source of the threats. When a shooter assassinates the archbishop’s driver and leaves the priest himself severely injured, Ali forms an uneasy alliance with a Phoenix homicide cop in hopes of preventing another attack. But Ali doesn’t realize that the killer has become not only more unhinged but also more determined to take out his or her target.

Now let's get down to the basics.

~~~What One Lucky Person Will Win~~~
  • One autographed hardcover edition of J.A. Jance's Credible Threat, the 15th book in the Ali Reynolds mystery series. It has a protective mylar cover on the dust jacket, and has been gently read once.

~~~The Rules~~~
  1. To be entered in the drawing, send an email to kittlingbooks(at)gmail(dot)com.
  2. The subject line of your email must read Credible Threat Giveaway.
  3. The body of your email must have your name and mailing address.
  4. Send your entries to me by noon, Sunday, July 19, 2020.
  5. Due to the high cost of postage, this giveaway is open to US residents only.

~~~The Small Print~~~
Very Important: If your emails are missing any of the required information, i.e., the correct subject line and your name and mailing address, you will not be entered to win. How do you know if you've been entered? If you have not received an email from me within 24 hours which says, "Your entry has been received. Good Luck!" you'll know something went wrong. That's okay. Try again!

The winner will be notified by email, and the announcement will be made here on Kittling: Books on Monday, July 20, 2020. The book will go out in the mail the very next day.

Now it's time to fill up my inbox with entries!


  1. Generous giveaway, Cathy! It's kind of you to do this.

  2. Wow...great giveaway for sure.

  3. Great giveaway. Readers should see the video interview with J.A. Jance at the Poisoned Pen website.

    1. This is the URL for that interview:

  4. Three cheers for the Poisoned Pen!

    1. Hip, hip, hooray!
      Hip, hip, hooray!
      Hip, hip, hooray!

  5. wish I had tons of hours to see PP videos.


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