Wednesday, March 04, 2020

More from the Desert Botanical Garden

Hello! It's just me sharing some more photos that I took when Denis and I visited the Desert Botanical Garden on a chilly February 5. If you don't believe that the Phoenix metropolitan area can actually have a chilly day, you can always take a look at the top photo on my first post about this visit. Fortunately, the sun finally came out from behind the clouds during the last part of our rambles, and everybody (and everything) started thawing out!

Bunnies in the Boppart Courtyard. Part of the Wild Rising by Cracking Art exhibit from Milan.

Wolves amongst the cacti. Wild Rising by Cracking Art.

Warm, fuzzy, and scratchy!

Flowers in February. This is my kind of winter.

How about some nice organic broccoli?

Beginning to put on its spring show.

What's in a name? The agave behind the sign is rather blah looking, but its name sings out a warning, loud and clear!

On the Plants & People of the Sonoran Desert Loop Trail. This is an Akimel O'odham dwelling.

A section of the skeleton of a dead saguaro cactus-- what holds the whole thing up. Pretty, isn't it?

When I first glimpsed this skittish little guy, I thought he was a gopher. Nope. He's a gopher ground squirrel. Learn something new every day!

A thirsty house finch.


Personally, I think the ocotillo skeleton is even prettier than the saguaro. What do you think?

The Desert Botanical Garden always has the most interesting pots.

Here's a close-up of the exterior of that first pot. I want one!

I hope you enjoyed your visit to my favorite garden. Once I get all these therapy sessions out of the way, I plan on many more visits this year!


  1. Wow, what a beautiful place, Cathy! And such variety, too. That gopher ground squirrel is adorable, and those flowers are gorgeous. Anyone who says there's no color and life in the desert has never really seen it...

  2. I love those bunnies and wolves, and the living animals and flowers. What an amazing place. You are so lucky to live nearby. It's definitely a vacation day to go there.

    1. Their Butterfly Pavilion is open now, too. I want to get back there ASAP once all these medical things stop taking up almost all our free time.


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