Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Exploring the Wildlife World Zoo in January

With the temperatures in the 70s combined with bright blue skies and sunshine, Denis and I made a break for it to visit the Wildlife World Zoo-- the first opportunity we'd had to use our brand-new membership cards. Both of us tried to exhaust our camera batteries, and I thought I'd share a dozen photos that I took.

I hope all you animal lovers enjoy!

One of our first stops was the Baby Animal Nursery where we saw Onyx, a jaguar. He was quite vocal about being alone.

Dozer, the baby tapir, was (sort of) awake from his nap.

Swans are beautiful, aren't they?

Sometimes it's best to let sleeping badgers lie.

Here's our local poisonous lizard, the Gila (HEE-luh) Monster. The patterns on its back remind me of Native American pottery I've seen.

I think these ring-tailed lemurs were getting ready to watch rush-hour traffic.

Thomson's Gazelle

Baby Arabian Oryx

African Crested Porcupine

A disgruntled prairie dog

A meerkat snoozing in the sun

Meerkat, close-up

I've got more photos I can share. Would you like to see them?


  1. Love those, Cathy! Such great pictures and I'm not sure I've ever seen a tapir in real life. Share away!

    1. Dozer's toenails look like they're gold, don't they?

  2. I absolutely love those 'photos, Cathy!! I'm especially fond of meerkats, so it was great to see those! The rest of the 'photos are fabulous, too, especially Onyx the jaguar (irresistible!). Please, show us some others!

    1. Onyx is becoming a celebrity, since he's been on local TV and all. He's my kind of black cat!

  3. Great pictures! I don't think I've seen a tapir in the zoo either. And the badger looks so deceptively cute!

    1. I watched a video of a coyote guiding a badger through a culvert that went under a highway. It was worth it just to see the badger's butt disappearing into the darkness. When I mentioned that badgers have distinctive butts, one of my friends replied, "They're just feral Corgis!" (and I immediately saw the resemblance. LOL

  4. Love these photos, especially of the baby animals and the gazelle and oryz. Thanks so much for posting them, and, yes, I'd like to see more.
    And I'm glad you were able to go and walk around and enjoy this zoo.
    And, now I'm going to lose sleep worrying about Onyx being left alone. I hope the zookeepers remedy that.

    1. The babies are carefully monitored and taken care of (as are all the animals). Onyx was just being a spoiled baby. He's now becoming a media star, having been on local TV.


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