Sunday, October 20, 2019

On My Radar: Betty Webb's The Panda of Death

One of my favorite authors is Betty Webb. She writes the dark and serious Lena Jones mysteries set here in the Phoenix metropolitan area, and she admits that those take a lot out of her. Betty isn't naturally dark and serious; she has a great sense of humor. To satisfy her inner comedian, she writes the Gunn Zoo mysteries set in a fictional zoo on the central California coast. Zookeeper Theodora "Teddy" Bentley is the main character, and she's found many, many ways to get into messes and solve crimes. Yes, Betty gives some free rein to her sense of humor, but never at the expense of a solid, interesting plot. Besides, you get to learn about animals along the way, and I definitely consider that to be one of the perks of the series.

Imagine my delight when wandering the Amazonian labyrinth to discover that the next Gunn Zoo mystery, The Panda of Death, will be available in March. Let's find out more about it!

Available March 3, 2020!

"California zookeeper Theodora Bentley is now happily married to Sheriff Joe Rejas. The Gunn Zoo is celebrating the arrival of Poonya, an adorable red panda, who forms a strong bond with Teddy. All appears fairytale blissful in the small Monterey Bay village of Gunn Landing until Teddy's mother-in-law, mystery writer Colleen Rejas, has discovered through DNA testing that Joe has sired a son he knew nothing about. Dylan Coyle, 18, arrives to meet his biological family... and then is arrested for murder.

By the end of the book, besides solving the crime, Teddy and Colleen have learned that the term "family" does not always mean blood kin. It often includes those who―although no blood relationshipare still held close in our hearts."

It certainly sounds as though Teddy's life will be taking an interesting turn, doesn't it?

And as you can see, this Gunn Zoo series has come fantastic covers. (I think my favorite so far has to be The Otter of Death.)

Are you already a fan of Betty's Gunn Zoo mysteries? If you are, I know you'll be adding The Panda of Death to your wishlist. If you're not, I certainly hope you'll give it a try!



  1. Betty Webb is a talented writer, Cathy. She writes different sorts of novels, too, which takes skill. And I do like what I know of this series, so I can see why this one's on the radar!

  2. Sounds like fun. And I love pandas. Is her humor like Wendell Thomas' wit?

    1. I'd say they were different rooms in the same house.


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