Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Some Cozy Holiday Cover Love

One of my favorite things to see this time of year are the covers on all the holiday-themed cozy mysteries. Cozy mystery book covers are fun any time of the year, but there's just something extra special about the holiday ones. That's why I thought I would share a few with you. Some of them are so good that you can feel the snap of cold in the air or smell the cookies baking! did someone commit murder yet not knock the tree over?

I can feel the warmth of the fire, and since I haven't had lunch yet, that food looks mighty good!

This one has a good holiday vibe even if there's no snow on the ground. Hmmm...I wonder if there's a desert-themed holiday cover anywhere?

Mmmmmmm! Gingerbread men!

Donna Andrews always seems to have fun with her bird-themed titles!

Shut the door-- you're letting all the heat out!

I love the tree and the fireplace, don't you?

Now I'm starving. Fork over those cookies and no one will get hurt!

Lovely village scene, snow, mittens, hot chocolate...

My favorite. The colors. The houses, the water, the boats. The peace and tranquility...

I've told you my favorite cover. Which one is yours? Inquiring minds would love to know. Happy Holidays!


  1. These are really festive and attractive, Cathy! I agree with you about the cover on the Handler. It's the one I like best, too. But the rest are certainly great covers.

  2. I enjoy Christmas-themed mysteries this time of year, too, and this year I have none to read! I've saved a big stack of Christmas mysteries primarily because of the covers (some of them were the same as yours). They were on a high shelf in my crowded library. Once I climbed the library ladder multiple times to get them all down, I decided I really should put them in my Little Free Library so other readers who like seasonal mysteries could enjoy them. And that's what I did. I kind of miss my Christmas books, but I needed the space. Thanks for sharing the cozy cover art.


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