Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A Birthday Trip to OdySea Aquarium

When we took our niece Daisy to Butterfly Wonderland and the OdySea Aquarium, Denis enjoyed himself so much that I knew what his birthday present had to be: an annual pass to both. Something tells me that I made the right decision because when his birthday rolled around, we headed straight over there.

I thought I'd share some of the photos Denis and I took that day. There are so many that I split them up. This week, OdySea Aquarium. Next week, Butterfly Wonderland. Hope you enjoy your visit!

The panther chameleon was rather drab compared to our first visit.

We'll have to make another trip just to see if we can get better photos of this very strange looking Jackson's Chameleon. It looks like a chameleon version of a rhinoceros!

Love the camouflage!

How's this for weird-- the Walking Batfish.

A Lined Seahorse. They like to wrap their tails around something so they don't drift away in a current. They're also difficult to photograph, which means more visits to perfect our techniques!

A sobering (and sickening) sign.

The "gold" scales really gleamed on these fish. You can see it better in the video I took, but I've learned not to post videos on my blog-- they misbehave.

I like the camouflage on this ray, too.

Probably my favorite exhibit of them all. I could watch these jellyfish all day long.

If there's one thing I've learned from visiting the OdySea Aquarium, it's that this is a good place to hone any photography skills I have. I will admit that it is easier to do video clips of many of these creatures, but there's something about being able to get a really good photograph of something despite the creature constantly being in motion, despite excited children stampeding through, and despite reflections of all the signage in the glass. I do like a challenge!

I hope you'll be joining me next week when Denis and I visit Butterfly Wonderland!


  1. I'll definitely be joining you, Cathy! And I'm so glad you had a good trip to the aquarium. The 'photos are fabulous, and it sounds like a wonderful time.

    1. It was, due in part to the fact that there weren't huge groups of school children being led through the aquarium. I do love kids' sense of wonder and their excitement, but they certainly can make my ears ring! LOL


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