Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Daisy at Butterfly Wonderland

One day while our niece Daisy was visiting from England, we all got in the Jeep and headed for Butterfly Wonderland, which bills itself as the largest butterfly conservatory in the country. It's part of a huge complex in Scottsdale which also has a large aquarium, a place where you can swim with dolphins, lots of other places for the young and young-at-heart, and plenty of gift shops and restaurants. Trust me, you could drop some serious cash here almost without blinking an eye!

The three of us also visited the OdySea Aquarium, but I'm going to put those photos in a separate post next week. For now, let's wander through the butterflies.... Remember, you can click on any of the photos to view them in their original sizes.

Daisy'd barely taken a step inside when a butterfly landed on her shoulder. It was the first of many, but I won't bore you with all those photos!

It's hard to learn the identification of all the different butterflies you see in there, but in a way, I don't care!

Reminds me of a zebra.


Butterflies that are predominantly blue are the visitor favorites.

This big fellow desperately wanted out of the conservatory, and it thought hiding in my white hair was its best escape plan. It kept lurking, landing, and flying off only to come back and repeat the process.

Can you see the butterfly on Daisy's leg?

Looks as though it could glow in the dark, doesn't it?

This one tried to stow away on Denis's hat.

Inside away from the butterfly conservatory, there are exhibits featuring creatures of the rainforest. This is a panther chameleon.

I've been watching too much "Jurassic Park." This one reminds me of a velociraptor contemplating which of my appendages to chomp off first!

I swear I saw a sci-fi movie where the aliens' heads were shaped like this!

Yearning for freedom.

I hope you enjoyed your visit! I bought Denis annual passes to both Butterfly Wonderland and OdySea Aquarium for his birthday, so you'll be seeing more photos from these places.


  1. I love that butterfly bench that Daisy is sitting on. And I love the varied colors. Yes, that one does look like a creature from Jurassic Park - there's a gleam in the eye...

    1. I'm looking forward to the new Jurassic Park movie. Evidently we get to see Baby Blue in it...with that gleam in her eye.

  2. All lovely. Thank you for posting them.

    I've never seen a butterfly with blue on its skin.

    Daisy must have liked this place.

    1. We all loved it. Denis and I now have annual passes.

  3. Great! More photos for the virtual travelers.

  4. More wonderful pics! So many pretty colors for desert life.


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