Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I Have Rebecca Tope Covered!

I mentioned recently that I've been weeding my to-be-read shelves. That means I've come in close contact with all the books I want to read. Yes, I'm ruing the fact that there will never be enough hours in the day to do everything that I want to do and read everything that I want to read, but at least my memory has been strongly jogged about what's on those shelves.

I thought I'd give it another good thwack by choosing to compare two covers of one of Rebecca Tope's mysteries that take place in the beautiful Cotswolds area of England. The covers are very similar, but if you look closely, I think you'll see that each one sets a slightly different tone. Let's take a look!

Yes, I'm doing something a bit different this time. Both covers are on the UK editions of the book. The one on the right is the original, and the one on the left is the reprint.

Both are light on blurbs, and I do love that about UK covers. In the reprint, Allison & Busby got rid of the blurb from an area news source (hope it didn't go out of business!) and exchanged it for one that's a little more atmospheric and descriptive of the book itself.

The dominant color on the original is brown. I feel as though I'm making the approach to the bridge to cross over it and up into the village. The village itself is in bright sunlight, and with the cheery red flowers and warm, rosy colors of the bricks, the village seems welcoming.

The reprint cover is done in shades of blue. Yes, I'm still on the other side of a bridge looking at a village, but the light seems to be fading from the sky. There are shadows. The stone cottages look cold and unfriendly, and the road into the village goes down. Those buildings look as though they're huddling together on the other side of that bridge... almost as if they don't want me there. Cooler colors, shadows, secrets-- or that's the way my mind runs.

If you're reading a murder mystery, I think there should be some shadows and secrets and a bit of an unwelcoming feeling, don't you? That's why I prefer the reprint cover on the left. Not only do I think it's visually more appealing, I think it suits the book better.

What say all of you? Which cover do you prefer-- the reprint on the left or the original on the right? Is it too close to call, or do they both leave you cold? Inquiring minds would love to know!


  1. I agree, Cathy. I do like the reprint cover better. There's something more...mysterious about it.

    1. I think it has a lot to do with the lighting.

  2. Well, for me, the one on the right looks like fall and the one on the left more like summer. Why does fall seem more ominous? Maybe not in that picture, but still...

    OK, I had a great time at Malice. That being said - I missed you! I volunteered like a crazy woman - monitored all 7 panels I attended. That's what happens when you say 'put me where you need me'. Ha! Met lots of people - several author 'heroes'. I'm doing a 5-part recap next week. Long recaps. Feel free to stop by. LOL

    1. You're back! I've been sneaking peeks at your blog in hopes we'd all hear from you soon. I'm really looking forward to your recap of Malice Domestic!

  3. I liked the reprint cover the minute I saw it, before I even read your post about it and the comments.

    I don't think the browns work well, but the blues do and somehow the picture overall is more eye-catching.

    And as someone who needs new reading glasses, I'll saw that the font on the original cover for the quote at the top is too small for me to read.

    So, yes, the reprint.

    1. I don't think the browns work well at all. Kay said they made her think of autumn, but living in the desert as I do, browns haven't made me feel that way in years! LOL


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