Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Bookaholic's Christmas List

I know. Here I go again posting Christmas things before Thanksgiving. But I've never been the sort of person who waits till the last second to decide which gifts I'm going to be giving. In fact, I was stitching on some of this year's Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve last year. (Be a hoot if I forgot to get 'em in the mail, wouldn't it?)

Although I've managed to greatly reduce the number of catalogs I get in the mail, there are a few companies who still insist on sneaking theirs in right around Christmas time, and I don't mind because they usually have a few wonderful little goodies for bookaholics. I thought I'd share a few with you now. Click on each caption to be taken (in a new window) to the website that sells the item. Whether these things are for yourself or others, they're sure to bring a smile.

Wardrobe Additions

For Toddlers or Adults: the Very Hungry Caterpillar t-shirt

For Toddlers or Adults: a Pete the Cat shirt

For Women: the I Heart Books t-shirt

So Many Books So Little Time Sleepshirt

Book Nut Sleepshirt

A Garden and a Library t-shirt

My Shelves Runneth Over Sleepshirt

Coffee, Tea, or Time?

Jane Austen literary mug

Edgar Allan Poe literary mug

Mark Twain literary mug

Kurt Vonnegut literary mug

2015 Reading Woman calendar

Bookcase Additions

Reading Gargoyle bookends

Reading Gargoyle

For the Tree

Stack of Books ornament

Reading Reindeer ornament


  1. Oh, these are so great, Cathy!! I love those mugs! They're just fabulous.

    1. They are, aren't they? Every time I look at any of them, I feel the need for a nice cuppa!

  2. This isn't fair. I want one of each, and one of each of the T-shirts to kids I know. Here I was budgeting nicely -- and now this! It's like putting chocolate cake in the refrigerator and trying not to eat it.

    The question is how much is everything and how much over my budget can I go.

    1. Oh, to have just one budget-free holiday season!

  3. Love the reading reindeer ornament! Too cute :-)

    Tanya Patrice

    1. I find it almost impossible to turn my back on cute reading ornaments. I love that one, too!


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