Monday, May 12, 2014

What's Your Nature Color?

Your Nature Color is Purple


Being in nature makes you feel thoughtful. You like to get outside to reflect on the bigger picture. The great outdoors helps you tap into your imagination and intuition. You could make amazing art inspired by nature.

You believe that there is a luxury to having unspoilt nature. You wish it was available to more people. You think the key to a long and happy life lies somewhere in the outdoor world. The more time you spend outside, the healthier and happier you are. 



  1. My nature color is green:

    Being in nature makes you feel balanced. When you are outside, you feel like you are brought back to who you are.
    Outdoor life leads you to a lot of growth - mental, physical, and even spiritual. You feel like a survivor when you're out in the elements.

    There is also something renewing for you about being outside. Nature can cure almost any case of the blues.
    Whenever you are facing a change in life, it does you good to get outside and do something. Getting some perspective can help you process.

    1. The two of us are rather colorful together, Kathy! LOL

  2. I gire up. This crazy test tells me my natural color is purple, however, I really fit the green description. I love greens in nature, trees, grass, open fields, forests. I just think of greens and feel serene, which is why two rooms in my apartment have bits of green.

    And I have a beautiful lithograph of a harbor from Mount Desert Island in Maine, one of the most beautiful sites in the U.S. And it's done in light green, and has a sage green frame. I feel peaceful whenever I look at it.

    1. I fit in with both descriptions, but I don't think there's a color for that, Kathy!


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