Monday, January 21, 2013

What Kind of Garden Are You?

You Are an English Garden


You are creative and vibrant. You are inspired by everything around you, and you don't have any one style. You like a mix of old and new, and you always have something unique to add to the equation as well.

You are informal, open-minded, and flexible. You love to play around with art and design. You tend to change things up a lot. Whether it's your own clothes or your home, you can't stay with one look for long! 


  1. I'm a Formal French Garden!

    You are formal, traditional, and probably quite upper class. You resist change unless it's absolutely necessary.
    You prefer quality over quantity in your life - whether it's people or possessions. You have a low tolerance for junk.

    You are detail oriented and a bit of a perfectionist. You enjoy planning and getting everything in order.
    You are neat and clean. You take good care of what you own - you are big on maintenance.

  2. I'm a Wildflower Garden!

    You are a true free spirit. You want to go wherever life takes you, and you feel like plans kill the mood.
    You are low maintenance and laissez faire. You believe that whatever will be will be, so why try to change it?

    You love colorful things and colorful people. It's hard to find anything that's too wild for your tastes.
    You're too laid back to be a total wild child, but you've definitely had your crazier moments!

  3. I'm a wildflower garden like Beth F. It's a little confusing though - part me and part someone quite alien to me. However, I definitely love wildflowers!

    1. I actually think I wound up with the best choice because it suits me more than either the French or the wildflower garden-- although as far as flowers go, I am definitely a wildflower kinda gal!


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