Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Elegant Chandelier test

Your Mind is Elegant

You are independent and original. You are highly inventive and creative. You love thinking things over and developing theories. You have a theory for everything.

Very introspective, you can be silently critical of yourself and others. Your inner voice is honest. You are simply brilliant. You are bright, intelligent, and creative.

The Elegant Chandelier Test

[Good thing I don't believe everything these quizzes say!]


  1. My energy is elegant:

    You find delight in so many things when you are open to them. It's not hard to make you happy.
    You have a head for ideas - and you are good at improving systems.

    You are bored by routine. You need some whimsy in your life to stay happy.
    You don't have patience for your time being wasted. You are very efficient.

  2. We've got mind and energy-- now who else wants to be elegant??? :-)

  3. I didn't like any of them, but wound up selecting the same one you did, Cathy, so my mind is elegant too. Now why wouldn't you believe what it says? I certainly do. :D

    1. Ya know... that comment would make my Grampa take a look at you and ask, "What do you want to borrow?" ;-)


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