Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Scene of the Blog Featuring Christina of The Blue Bookcase!

One day I was trying to find a photo of a blue bookcase that I'd forgotten to add to my Pinterest board. By typing "blue bookcase" into the search engine, I stumbled across this week's featured blogger.  From the design to the layout to the content, I decided that this was a book blog that I wanted to keep reading, and if you've never heard of it before, please pay a visit because I think you'll want to start reading it, too.

The Blue Bookcase is the joint venture of four reviewers, so when I sent the email asking if they'd like to participate, I remember writing something along the lines of "Would any (or all) of you be interested?" After reading their bios, I knew I'd be tickled if any one of them would say yes. Christina of North Carolina stepped up to the plate. Thanks, Christina!

If you're visiting from The Blue Bookcase so you can take a look at Christina's creative spaces-- Welcome! Click on any of the photos to view them in larger sizes in new windows. The one of the bookcase is large enough to read the spines, but you may have to click an extra time or two for Blogger to cooperate and let you browse through some of Christina's books. If you'd like to take a look at the blogging spaces of previous participants, click on the Scene of the Blog tab at the very top of my header. There are two ways to search: by Blog Name or by Location. Now let's head on over to Christina's so she can give us a tour!

I had to strike fast with the camera right after my husband and I cleaned the house yesterday; with two little kids and a giant crazy puppy it doesn't look like this very often or for very long.

Where Christina blogs
This is my blogging space: the kitchen table.  Note the beautiful Mother's Day paraphernalia: the lilies and the "MOM" art.  I do almost all my writing/posting in the evening after the kids are in bed, when the space is much less sunny than in this photo.  I don't mind working at the kitchen table- I like to snack or drink tea at the computer but my own mother ingrained in me a reluctance toward eating outside the kitchen/dining room.  So this way I can eat/drink/blog all at once without the guilt!  One more tidbit: that there MacBook is a relic from 2006.  Still running like a champ.

Where most of the reading is done

This is where I do most of my reading: cuddled up in my comfy bed.  The afternoons are the best time, when little Isobel sits next to me and watches cartoons on Netflix.  I like the way the squeaky-voiced cartoon characters in the background force me to focus on what I'm reading.  I think I really block out the outside world and get into the flow of reading when there are distractions.  Does that make sense?  Maybe it's just me.

Stella waiting for her reading buddy

This is another reading spot with another reading companion.  Stella will usually curl up next to me or on me while I'm reading on the couch.  It's one of those couches you really sink into, though, so I think it's more comfortable to read in location number one (bed!).  But if I only have a few minutes to read between activities, I'll just plop down on the couch for a sec.

One of Christina's bookcases

And here is my bigger bookcase.  See any spines you recognize?  Most of the ones along the top row and piled on top are ones I haven't read.  I have a smaller bookcase (the size of one column of this one) upstairs, and that's where I've been stashing books after I finish reading them.  I know I'm going to need to go through and purge pretty soon because I'm really running out of space!

Ah, the reader's lament: Help, I'm running out of room for my books! You have many, many people feeling your pain, Christina!

I'm known for scrutinizing photos, especially of blogging areas and bookcases, so I have a couple of questions for you: (1) I did notice the Mom Art in your dining room, but I have to admit that what drew my eye were the six photos hanging on the wall. They look as though they're all parts of a whole? (2) I love the Russian nesting dolls on the right side of the top of your bookcase, but what's in the bottle on the left side? (Not that I'm nosy or anything!)

I did notice several familiar titles amongst your books, and Stella looks as though she might be a very good book rest if she lays in the right position.

Thank you so much for allowing us this glimpse into your home and your creative spaces, Christina. We really appreciate it!


Don't forget to stop by next Wednesday when I'll be featuring yet another book blogger from our worldwide community!


  1. I enjoy this post in seeing other blogger's work spaces!

    1. I'm glad, Annette. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thanks so much for including me, Cathy!
    And yep, the framed items in that first photo make up a vintage map of Paris. They've been hanging there for long enough that I don't really "see" them anymore, but people always ask about them! I guess that's the definition of a good conversation piece.
    And the vase on the left-hand top of the bookcase is full of my husband's collection of cool bottlecaps. Another thing I don't really notice in everyday life!

    1. I thought they were pieces of a map, and I love maps! I also thought those thingys in the jar looked like bottle caps, but I wasn't sure. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity!

  3. wait one minute! where is the BLUE bookcase? huh? ;-)

    1. I know! I was thinking about that as I took the photos for this post. I really need to buy another bookcase and paint it blue!

  4. I enjoyed today's guest.

    Love the photos.

    Silver's Reviews

  5. I love the idea of a joint blog and wish I'd thought of it when I decided to start blogging. It looks like she has great companions in Isobel and Stella!

    1. Yeah, having multiple writers really works well for us. I wasn't one of the original founders so I can't really take credit for the idea, but I love it. :)
      And yes! It's nice to have companions, since reading itself is generally a pretty solitary activity.


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