Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Are You a Book or a Movie?

You Are a Book

You are a deliberate thinker. You don't like to gloss over anything, and details matter to you.

When times get tough, you get philosophical. You never forget the meaning of life.

If you're facing a problem, getting away for a couple days always helps you clear your mind.

You always consider the past, present, and future. You believe every little event shapes your life.


  1. It says I'm a movie:

    You like to see immediate results for your efforts. You are an impatient person.
    You are a very visual person. You feel that there are many things that can't be put into words.

    You tend to think big. It's hard to stay motivated if a project is too small.
    You live in the moment because you know that it's really all you have.

  2. Funny, I thought we would all be books. That's what I am.

  3. Books heads into the far turn with the narrowest of leads.....!


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