Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What's Your Hollywood Job?

You Should Be a Script Writer

You are verbal, witty, and expressive. You have probably always had a way with words.

You are intellectual and brainy. You are well read, and you will read anything you can get your hands on.

You have a vivid imagination. You can create a whole new world inside your mind.

You love challenges, especially when they involve learning new things. You love to step outside your comfort zone.


  1. You Should Be an Agent

    You are a driven and motivated person. It's likely that you have always had a head for business.
    You are self-reliant and independent. You prefer to do as much yourself as you can.

    You are hard working, and you like to stay busy. You are fearless and quite persuasive when you need to be.
    You are goal oriented and aggressive. You don't ever mind taking a few risks.


    Lol, hardworking, me? ;)

  2. You should be a director!

    You are more than just another ambitious person... you are a visionary.
    You think, dream, and act big. You enjoy seeing large projects to completion.

    You are powerful and forceful. You like to take charge and make sure things go your way.
    You are very determined and even a bit stubborn. You can get obsessed with whatever you happen to be working on.

    LOL -- I'm really more of an independent worker than an organizer of large projects.

  3. It says I should be an actor:

    You are a flexible and even changeable person. You are constantly evolving.
    You are a highly observant chameleon. You have always been good at imitating others when you need to.

    You are artistic and charming. You have an air of sophistication about you.
    You are dramatic and very expressive. You feel strongly about almost everything.

  4. Wow, we're getting a lot of different outcomes this week. However, I'm supposed to be a script writer like you, Cathy.

  5. Wow-- with a variety of answers like this, we're going to have enough people to make our own movie. You're the star, Kathy! LOL


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