Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Scene of the Blog Featuring Bibliophile of Reading in Reykjavík

As many of the rest of you do, I like reading book blogs from around the world. This week Scene of the Blog is traveling all the way to Iceland to visit Bibliophile whose blog, Reading in Reykjavík, has become one of my favorites.

Bibliophile is a researcher and translator, and her book blog reflects her eclectic reading tastes. One of my favorite parts is her series of Icelandic folktales, closely followed by her talking of Iceland's Library Day as well as the fact that displaying the family library in the living room is an old Icelandic tradition. (Can you tell that learning the bookish traditions of other countries is something I love to do?)

I was hoping she'd be able to share a photo or two of Iceland, but the cloud cover was not cooperating. Instead, I would suggest that you also visit her photography blog, Iceland etc. Besides having absolutely wonderful photos of India, there are many of Iceland, like one of a particularly gorgeous sunset.

I sincerely hope that you'll visit both her blogs because they're excellent. As always, please say hello while you're there! And... you know the drill-- Click on any of the photos in this post to view them full size.

Bibliophile's home office

The beauty of having wi-fi Internet is that you can blog from anywhere in the house, although I prefer to do it from my home office.

The home office is still set up as it was while I was freelancing as a translator, so the books you see are mostly reference works and dictionaries, interspersed with craft manuals and office supplies, but my short story collection is  slowly taking over a couple of shelves.

Craft area
The home office doubles as a workroom, the current set-up being for rock-painting.

Bibliophile's desk
I got my Great Big Desk when my father’s office was renovated many years ago and they sold the cast-off furniture. It has gone through several moves with me and is still as sturdy as ever. Dad helped me add the shelves, but it’s still not big enough. Stuff tends to accumulate on it in some mysterious and not altogether intentional manner until I lose something and then I tidy up while I look for the missing item. The drawers are full of things that are either useful or might be useful some day, like telephone plugs, old tax returns, postcards, 3.5-inch diskettes and crumbling rubber bands. I keep intending to organise them, but something always comes up (usually a book).

I have a docking station for the laptop on my desk so I can use my extra screen and full-size keyboard. Having two screens means I can blog and do research simultaneously without having to constantly switch between windows.
I love Bibliophile's home office. The yellow walls are bright and cheery, and the window lets in so much light. I can see myself getting a lot of work done in that room.

I also like the large craft area she has in the room. In years past, I often wanted a space such as that so I wouldn't have to put large projects away every day.

Thank you so much for letting us glimpse into your creative space, Bibliophile. We're so glad that you're a part of this worldwide book blogging community!

Who will be next Wednesday's guest on Scene of the Blog? This week we headed east. Next week, we'll be winging our way to the west. See you then!


  1. Great to see Bibliophile´s blogging space - she is also an old friend of mine!

  2. I love the owl collection and also the shadow boxes on the walls. I used to have something like that when I was in college, little treasures tucked into the boxes (or printers trays actually I guess). Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. One of the best things about blogging is making friends all over the world. I'm glad to find a blogger who lives there.

  4. Thanks for visiting.
    I got into owl collecting by accident - I had several and then people started giving them to me and now I have about 70 owls.
    I love my knick-knack boxes - but would love even more to find a large printer's tray because I have quite a collection of Kinder Egg miniatures I would like to display.

  5. I love the shelves over her desk!!

  6. Bermudaonion, I got my father to help me trim some old bookshelves I had, to fit the height of the ceiling, and then we rested them on the desk and screwed them to the wall. You can't see it in the photo, but we also built an extension to the desk for the shelves to rest on, so I didn't lose any desktop space.

  7. What a great blogging space. Love the home office. Thanks Cathy for show casing a new blogger to me. Off to check it out.

  8. Lovely space :D And you are the first Icelandic blogger I have met, very cool :=D

  9. Same here, you are the first Icelandic blogger I've come across.

    Your desk looks like a great place to work at. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Thank you for introducing me to "Craig Johnson". I took a chance and ordered the first two in the Walt Longmire series. Half way thru the first one I ordered the rest of the series. I just finished the second one and the rest should arrive on Friday. I love every thing about this series and again I have to say: Thank You!

  11. Bella-- That's fantastic! You've made my day. I'm so glad you're enjoying Craig Johnson's books. I can't wait for his newest!

  12. It's really nice to meet a blogger from Iceland. I'm looking forward to seeing your photographs, too!

    Your office space is a great room with the yellow walls and that big desk and shelves...yay for dad! I like that you have a craft area in the corner, too. A nice creative space.

  13. Thanks for the visits and comments, one and all.


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