Friday, December 31, 2010

Wake by Lisa McMann

Title: Wake
Author: Lisa McMann
ISBN: 9781416974475
Publisher: Simon Pulse, 2008
Paperback, 224 pages
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, #1 Wake trilogy
Rating: B
Source: Paperback Swap

First Line: Janie Hannagan's math book slips from her fingers.

Seventeen-year-old Janie Hannagan lives on the fringe in more ways than one. Janie lives with her mom, an alcoholic, and at an early age, Janie learned that she was responsible for her own welfare. And if she's near anyone when she falls asleep, she gets sucked into their dreams. It's all to invasive-- and all too same old, same old. She's trying to save money for college and works at a nursing home. She likes working there; old people usually don't sleep soundly enough to dream.

She can't tell anyone about this ability that she can't control. They'd think she was a freak. So when she falls into a particularly gruesome nightmare in which she's a participant as well as a witness, she has no idea what she's going to do.

This book is fast-paced and almost immediately hooked me. Janie is a very sympathetic character, and it was easy to get emotionally involved as she tries so desperately to stay out of other peoples' dreams. I'm looking forward to following this series to see what happens to her next.


  1. Cathy - This really does look interesting! Thanks for sharing it. In my view, anyone who writes books that make young people want to read is a hero.

  2. I bought this book a couple days ago and am really excited! Great review!

  3. I'm not a YA fan but I loved Wake so much I read the rest of the series, it actually made my Favourite list of 2010.

    You can see it here if interested.

  4. This sounds good! Have to check this out.

    Happy New Year :)

  5. Margot-- You and I certainly agree on that!

    Miss R-- Thanks! I hope you enjoy it, too.

    Marce-- Thanks for the link!

    Elysium-- I hopeyou get the chance to read it. HNY2Y!

  6. One of my friends is currently reading this series and suggested I pick it up too. Glad to see you liked it! My library has the audio version, so I think I'll try that format in the next couple of months.

  7. Kris-- My husband prefers his audio books and his Nook over my old-fashioned preference. One of these days, I may have to give his gadgets a try.


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