Saturday, December 18, 2010

Theft on Thursday by Ann Purser

Title: Theft on Thursday
Author: Ann Purser
ISBN: 0425207471
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime, 2006
Mass Market Paperback, 288 pages
Genre: British Cozy, Amateur Sleuth, #4 Lois Meade
Rating: B-
Source: Paperback Swap

First Line: "She done 'im in," the old man said with relish.

It's been a few years since we last saw Lois Meade. Two of her children have flown the nest, and her musically-inclined son, Jamie, is ready to fly away to university himself. Lois's housecleaning business is going well, and she's seen very little of Detective Inspector Hunter Cowgill.

The biggest news in Long Farnden is the new vicar and his godson. The vicar came to his calling rather late and is having a difficult adjustment to the locals, and his godson, Sandy, is constantly on the prowl for a pretty girl.

All this fades to the background when Sandy, Lois's mother, and the verger all fall victim to a very nasty flu-- and Cowgill asks for Lois's help in gathering information on a group that seems to be a nightmarish blend of the Ku Klux Klan and Satanists.

Although I liked how the plot was constructed, this book fell a bit flat for me, and I think I can trace my dissatisfaction to the characters. For me, there just wasn't enough Lois and too much of characters I didn't care for: Sharon the naive gossip, Sandy the lech, the lady of the manor Mrs. T-J, and the rather indecisive vicar.

However, Theft on Thursday is still filled with what I love about this series: a wry sense of humor, the life of a middle class family in an English village, Lois dealing with her business and anything else that's thrown in her path. Even though the group of arson-loving KKK/Satanists show that city life all too often encroaches upon the countryside, Ann Purser's Lois Meade series is one of the best traditional British cozy mystery series to be found.


  1. Your header is fabulous...the review is great too.

    Stopping by to say hello and see what's going on at your blog. Glad I stopped.

    You look like you are into design...check out this cool blog I found.

    Happy Holidays

  2. I have Ann Purser on my list (probably based on your reviews), and as I love reading a good British cosy now and then, I´ll keep her there despite the B-.

    At least the cover will chear me up.

  3. I love British cozies too and this sounds delightful. Maybe if you read this one again after you're feeling good, you'd like it better?

  4. Good to see you able to be back reviewing books. I've come across a lot of good books through your reviews. I pray for your continued recovery.

  5. Sorry to hear this one fell a little flat for you, but since I haven't read this series yet it's good to know the series is good over-all.

  6. Elizabeth-- Thanks. I checked out the link and spent an enjoyable chunk of time there!

    Dorte-- The covers on the entire series are great. :)

    Barbara-- I really don't think so because they're the type of characters I don't like regardless of the state of my health or mood! LOL

    Joe-- Thank you! I have such a stack of back-logged books awaiting review that I have to do something about it. By the time I'm finished, everyone will be sick of seeing my reviews!

    Kris-- Yes, it is very good, over all.

  7. have the Monday book in this series. Must get around to actually reading it instead of staring at it.

    My thoughts are with you this week.

  8. Beth-- At least the covers are good to look at! Thanks for the good thoughts you continue to send my way!


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