Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Snow Globe by Sheila Roberts

Title: The Snow Globe
Author: Sheila Roberts
ISBN: 9780312594480
Publisher: St. Martin's Press, 2010
Hardcover, 176 pages
Genre: Contemporary/Holiday Fiction
Rating: B
Source: Publicist

First Line: Something drew Kiley Gray to the antique store.

Kiley Gray has always been a believer-- Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Prince Charming, Mr. Right-- no matter what, she believed. Now unemployed and no longer in a relationship after her fiance dumped her for her sister, more than anything, Kiley believes she needs a miracle.

When she finds an antique snow globe that's reputed to deal in miracles, she can't resist buying it. All that remains to be seen is whether or not the beautiful old object can deliver on that rumor.

Through the holiday season, the globe makes its way through Kiley (the believer) and her friends, Suzanne (the non-believer) and Allison (the I-want-to-believer), and all three women's lives are changed.

After reading and enjoying Roberts' On Strike for Christmas, I had high hopes for this book, and it delivered. A slim little volume, it reads very quickly yet will leave a smile on your face and in your heart after you turn the last page.

If you need last minute Christmas gifts, this would be an excellent choice.


  1. I really enjoyed this too! My reading group is reading it for December and we're going to have a live Q & A chat with the author via Skype too!

    I'll have to check out On Strike for Christmas now! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Glad to see you liked this one. I believe this is one I borrowed from my Mom, but I'm not sure I'll get to it this year. There is always next year though!

  3. Mystica-- It was perfect for the season. I'm glad the publicist sent it to me in time!

    Suzanne-- I think you'll really enjoy On Strike for Christmas.

    Kris-- Yes, there always is next year. I've even been known to read Christmas books in mid-summer!


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