Friday, December 17, 2010

Weekly Link Round-Up

I'm sitting here waiting for the right time to leave for a doctor's appointment, and I had the bright idea of actually doing some sort of link round-up this week. I think I can come up with a halfway interesting batch. Let's see that's been lurking in that folder....

Bookish Architecture & Furniture

Bookish Travel
  • Losing yourself in a Vietnamese book cafĂ©.
  • Staying in Manhattan? Book a room at the Library Hotel.
  • This week's Tuesday quiz here on Kittling: Books told me that I should live in a Mediterranean home. Two others got the same answer, and we all think we should live on a Greek island. I'm thinking Santorini because I've found Atlantis Books. Go to the gallery page and click until you find a photo of the bookstore's terrace. Ahhhhhhhh!
  • Let's tour some very cool converted bookstores.

Those Pesky E-Readers

Books & Authors

Books in Fashion

A Serving of Harry Potter

Around the Water Cooler in the Book Blogosphere
  • Natalie of Book Line and Sinker has a post that will bring tears to your eyes: At a Loss for Words.

A Plethora of New-to-Me Book Blogs

Well, that's it. I had to finish up after I returned home. All my pre-op stuff is done; I've been stabbed with needles and had my "picture" taken. A soft, gentle rain has fallen during most of the day here in Phoenix. Perhaps the rarity of the weather made me decide to take on a huge shop at the Super Target where I used to work. I almost ran out of gas and needed one of those motorized carts that I've sworn never to use. Instead I sat on the barstool I was going to purchase for a few minutes and then carried on.

Hopefully these links will provide a little entertainment with your coffee and quiet time this weekend. Take a little bit of time for yourself before you head out to slay the holiday beast.

Next week is my surgery, so I'm not promising any link round-ups. If you do see one, you'll know everything went exceptionally well (or I'm on extremely wonderful pain meds)!


  1. Take things easy, Cathy and good luck for next week.

  2. What a great idea to share all of the interesting links for the week! Thanks :) Good luck with the surgery and feel better quickly.

  3. Hope everything goes well for you.

    thank you for the links.

  4. There's a new opportunity for Target - they could have wandering cocktail waitresses selling reviving drinks with umbrellas in for people who've gotten tired/lost/disoriented and are taking a few moments out on their furniture :)

    Hope all goes well next week Cathy and thanks, as always, for the links.

  5. Thank you for the mention. I recently found your blog through a Scene of the Blog post.

    Unfortunately for me I have to run out and finish shopping today. Then I will be back to relax and check out this nice collection of links.

    Hope all goes well next week and you have a quick recovery.

  6. Cathy: Thank you for the links (as always) and especially thank you for the link to Book Line and Sinker's post about her sister - it made me cry, but it was such a wonderful, wonderful post about the goodness of people too.

  7. Margaret-- After my "marathon" yesterday, I think I will take it easy! Thanks for the good wishes!

    Svea-- Thank you!

    Mystica-- You're very welcome!

    Bernadette-- You're welcome, and thank you for the good thoughts.

    Leslie-- Thanks! You have some wonderful photos on your blog (in addition to everything else).

    Wendy-- Yes, it was.

  8. Glad you have the preop stuff done. I'm sure you felt like a pincushion by the time they were finished with you. This waiting time is the worst, but soon it will be over with and you can rest, recuperate and read, read, read. We don't really celebrate Christmas and only buy for Toys for Tots, so I'm heading into wonderful relaxing days.

  9. Great links. I agree (or rather, my husband does) that giving e-books is not altogether the same.

    Best wishes for your operation and a speedy recovery!

  10. Good luck with the're in my thoughts and I hope recovery isn't too bad (or that the meds are at least wonderful).

  11. Another great collection - that post definitely brought tears to my eyes as well. So touching.

    Best of luck with your own surgery, I hope it goes well.

  12. Wow! I can get lost in those links.

    That house library was wild. I just spent 10 minutes on those pictures.

  13. Thanks for linking to my blog - I really appreciate it!

    And best of luck with your surgery. I hope the pain meds are indeed extremely wonderful.


  14. Barbara-- Denis almost always works on Christmas, so we don't really celebrate either-- just enjoy each other's company. :)

    Dorte-- With all the tracking devices they have on them, I have to admit that I'm just not in any hurry to get an e-reader.

    Kris-- Thanks!

    Amy-- I think a person would have to be a stone not to tear up when reading Natalie's post.

    Gilion-- I think I spent about the same length of time there!

    Colleen-- You're welcome... and thank you for the good wishes. :)


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