Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

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  1. Great capture and lovely composition.

  2. Where was that taken? The background looks like it's draped. I love the colors.

  3. What pretty feathers all ruffled like bed head in the wind. What kind of birdie is that?

  4. Beth-- Thanks!

    Kathy-- It was taken in my backyard by the pool. Denis had draped an old tarp over the fence, which is why it almost looks like a studio shot.

    Molly-- It's an Abert's Towhee, indigenous to Arizona with one of the smallest bird populations in the world. People spend big bucks to come here to see them, and I have a colony in my backyard that I can watch for free. They are characters and so much fun!

  5. he looks very serious, like a tiny hawk.
    very nice.

  6. Caite-- He's a young towhee, so he's very very serious about having fun! LOL


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