Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Scene of the Blog Featuring Elizabeth of Musings of An All Purpose Monkey!

Wandering through the pages of Elizabeth's blog is fun because I always find things upon which we agree. Some of our favorite movies for example: Finding Nemo, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Aliens, Manhunter. Our reading DNA has several similarities as well. And then there's her sense of humor and wealth of knowledge, both on her blog and on Twitter.

When am I going to put y'all out of your misery and tell you the name of her blog? Now's as good a time as any I 'spose.

If you haven't guessed already, I'm talking about Musings of an All Purpose Monkey. If you have yet to visit Elizabeth's blog so you can sample all the goodies, please take the time to do so. (Don't forget to say hello!)

Before I turn this post over to Elizabeth and where all that All Purpose Monkey Goodness happens, remember that you can click on each photo in order to view it full size. One of the photos in particular has a lot of detail, so I'm hoping you'll click on it to take it all in!

Take it away, Elizabeth!

First off a big "Thank you!" to Cathy for asking me to participate in the Scene of the Blog feature. I look forward to those peeks behind the scenes at all the different places my fellow bloggers work their magic, but never thought I'd be the one in the spotlight. Oh well, here goes!

No reading goes on in here, but this is where most of the blog work happens. I love our MacBook Pro, but I love our 24" monitor even more. It's nice to be able to have lots of things open at once and still have space to work. My husband doesn't understand how I can listen to music while writing, but I love to crank up the iTunes  (those little sound sticks pack quite a punch!) and go to work. I know, the area looks kinda sterile, huh? What you can't see in this picture is what I'm surrounded by in this room...

... hundreds of action figures, most of them pretty creepy. We've got predators, aliens, Spawn figures, and Tortured Souls (Clive Barker creations) just to name a few. It's probably not difficult to understand why our niece (4 at the time) nicknamed it "The Scary Room."

When I'm not working in the computer room I set up camp in what my husband calls my "reading fort." The chair is huge, I'm fairly small, add a massive comforter to the mix and I can really get nestled in. This is where I usually am on weekends, especially in the fall when football is on. Some books, the MacBook Pro, a game on TV and I'm good to go writing reviews.

These bookshelves are in what was supposed to be the formal dining room (silly builder!), but which I co-opted into my library. My dream is to one day get custom made bookshelves built-in on all available wall space. For now these mismatched troopers try their best to hold everything I stuff on them, and these books are just the keepers! There are stacks of "books in transition" everywhere in the house. Thankfully, my wonderful husband is an active enabler of my book addiction. 

Thanks again to Cathy for asking me to participate. Hope my "Scary Room" didn't freak anyone out too much but, hey, it was just Halloween! ;-)

Scary Room? Reading Fort? All those books in all those bookcases?  *swoon*  Someone bring me my smelling salts. I think I'm in love!

Although you can't really see it without enlarging the photo, I'm wondering about what's going on outside in the photo of Elizabeth's reading fort. Is there a pond out there? I could swear I keep seeing the glimmer out water past the window and the sunshine. If there is a pond out there, I'd have to have my reading chair turned in the opposite direction or I'd never get any reading done!

I hope you've enjoyed this glimpse into these creative spaces as much as I have. Thank you so much for sharing with us, Elizabeth!

Who will be in the book blogging spotlight next Wednesday? Stop by to find out. See you then!


  1. Cathy, thanks for a sharing a new-to-me blogger! I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the pictures Elizabeth shared and seeing her lovely library and scary room. Elizabeth, I'll be visiting your blog regularly because I can see from your recent reviews that we have some things in common.

  2. I loved getting to know a new to me blogger. Lovely spaces. My desk would never, ever be that clean, so I'm mightily impressed.

  3. That chair looks awesome, as do the bookshelves... scary room may scare me too though :)

  4. Great look behind the scenes - love all those books and action figures! Paint me jealous.

  5. Hello to my new visitors! Thanks for dropping by. To answer Cathy's question, yes, that is a pond out back... and yes, it can be a distracting view.

    Beth, the clean desk is more a sign of OCD than it is actual organization. ;-)

    Naomi & Amy, the chair is spectacular. I will stay in it for hours once I get nestled.

  6. Wow, the action figures are amazing! And I love all the books too! Great space!

  7. Shaun, no surprise that someone who wrote a book that begins: "People are predictable. That’s what makes them easy to kill” would like the scary action figures. ;-)

    Thanks Rhapsody! That picture is a composite shot of two parts of the room, but even that can't really convey how many there are. We stopped counting when we passed 300.

  8. Oh my gosh, I'd call that the scary room too! What a great space!

  9. Kay-- I'm so glad that I could introduce you to Elizabeth!

    Beth-- The only time my desk has been that clean is when Denis and I did the office remodel. I'm glad I could introduce you to Elizabeth!

    Elizabeth-- I'll bet that pond draws all sorts of critters!

  10. Those action figures are really something; there's a cumulative effect!

  11. Loved Elizabeth's space, but my heart went zing over the screensaver on the Macs!

  12. Scary room is right! I have a feeling it would give me a good scare. haha!

    Love the photo's...the reading fort looks so comfy.

    Sounds like we both want to turn formal rooms into libraries too. At least you have bookshelves in yours..most of my books are in boxes. haha

  13. Isn't that screensaver cool? For those who may not know what that is, the pictures on the screens are of album covers from the albums in our iTunes program. They are randomly generated, and the covers are continuously rotating to new ones, square by square, also in random order.

  14. Love, love, love your space, the Macs, chair, pond, monkey, elephant, action figures, bookshelves, everything, Elizabeth. Since Naomi put dibs on that chair, I'll just sit on her lap if she doesn't mind.

    Thanks for a great feature, Cathy, and always inviting such interesting guests to your blog.

  15. A great blogging environment for a more than cool blogger. Thanks Cathy and Elizabeth for sharing this.

  16. LOVE the scary room! That chair is pretty awesome, too! I don't know how you can keep your desk space clean. I can't even get to mine, thank goodness I have a netbook and can go mobile!

  17. Alea-- You're very welcome (even though you're too shy to participate)!

    Michael-- You're welcome. Thanks for stopping by!

  18. Thanks for the kind words, Michael. And no surprise that you like the scary room Jenn, aka Mrs. FrightFest. ;-)

  19. Love the scary room - though from afar. I'd be way too scared to actually work in it.

    Nice to see your Macs too. I love my macBook Pro. Would sometimes like a larger screen but that's not really feasible for a sofa blogger like me.

    As for fall and football. It is spring here, but my husband is an nfl fan so it's football here too. I jsut beaver away on the laptop while the interminable football commentary goes on and on on the background.

  20. I deliberately didn't send a picture that showed the scary figures too close up. ;-)


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