Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mailbox Monday-- Watch Out for King in the Box

Mailbox Monday is my favorite meme, and it is hosted by Marcia of The Printed Page. If you'd like to see what others have received in their mailboxes, all you have to do is head on over to Marcia's place. Thanks, Marcia!

It was a quiet week book wise, which is a good thing with all I had on my mind. I sent 2 books out to new Paperback Swap (PBS) foster homes and received 4-- all from Paperback Swap. Several books on my wish list are coming through, so next week's Mailbox post will probably have even more on it.

The only remotely exciting thing about the books and the mailbox this week happened the day when Stephen King's Under the Dome arrived. Denis went out to empty the mailbox and assumed it was just another normal PBS haul... so he almost did himself an injury pulling that particular wrapped tome out of the box! Here's more information on the books I received last week:
  • Under the Dome by Stephen King (PBS). "When the small town of Chester's Mill, Maine, is surrounded by an invisible force field, the people inside must exert themselves to survive. The situation deteriorates rapidly due to the dome's ecological effects and the machinations of Big Jim Rennie, an obscenely sanctimonious local politician and drug lord who likes the idea of having an isolated populace to dominate. Opposing him are footloose Iraq veteran Dale “Barbie” Barbara, newspaper editor Julia Shumway, a gaggle of teen skateboarders and others who want to solve the riddle of the dome."
  • The Suicide Collectors by David Oppegaard (PBS). "In the near future, 90% of the world's population have killed themselves due to a plague called the Despair. The only people energized by the nightmare are the Collectors, who after each suicide appear like carrion birds to collect the corpse. Only one man resists the Collectors. When the wife of a 34-year-old Floridian named Norman takes a fatal overdose of sleeping pills, Norman loads his shotgun and waits patiently before blowing the head off a Collector who arrives to claim the body. Norman and his neighbor, Franklin Pops Conway, head for Seattle after learning a doctor there may have found a cure for the Despair. In Kansas, they're joined by Zero, an 11-year-old girl whose bravery encourages Norman in his quest."

  • The Man Who Loved Books Too Much by Allison Hoover Bartlett (PBS). "Bartlett delves into the world of rare books and those who collect—and steal—them. On one end of the spectrum is Salt Lake City book dealer Ken Sanders, whose friends refer to him as a book detective, or Bibliodick. On the other end is John Gilkey, who has stolen over $100,000 worth of rare volumes, mostly in California. A lifelong book lover, Gilkey's passion for rare texts always exceeded his income, and he began using stolen credit card numbers to purchase, among others, first editions of Beatrix Potter and Mark Twain from reputable dealers. Sanders, the Antiquarian Booksellers' Association's security chair, began compiling complaints from ripped-off dealers and became obsessed with bringing Gilkey to justice."
  • In For a Penny by Kathryn R. Wall (PBS). "Bay Tanner's world is paradise until she witnesses her husband's horrific death. Wounded and grieving, Bay retreats to her hideaway on Hilton Head Island. Then a cry for help forces her back to reality. Can she ignore the plight of her old money friends and family whose involvement in a shadowy land scheme may lead them to financial disaster? And what does all this have to do with Rob's murder? When a body is discovered floating near the ruins of an old plantation house, Bay is forced to confront these questions and admit that one thing is certain--someone is making a killing in real estate."
Don't forget to stop by next week when I'll have a whole new batch of books to tell you about!


  1. OH --- you got The Man Who Loved Books Too Much?! I am very jealous. I think I have had my name on the hold list at the library for about 3 months now. I am beginning to think I will never get to the top.

    Those all look like great books, and I look forward to reading your reviews.

  2. You've reminded me that I have a pile to mail out for Bookmooch requests and I'm way behind. My son read The Dome and I couldn't believe the size of it. I have The Suicide Collector on reserve at my library -it should come soon. I look forward to your thoughts on that one. The Man Who Loved Books Too Much sounds fascinating too. Enjoy your books. I had a great MM too.

  3. Ooh, you got a Kathryn Wall. I like the Bay Tanner character. I've read a few but not that one. I hope you like it. Have a great week and happy reading! My MM is here

  4. Nice mailbox. I gave my hubby the S. King book for Christmas and he read it - thought it was "pretty good".

  5. I really want to read The Man Who Loved Books too much!

    I've been thinking about you a lot and hope things are going good for you.

  6. Molly-- I hope everyone on the hold list ahead of you speeds up so you can read it soon!

    Sandra-- I've got a few PBS books to mail out, but I can't get enthused about it since today is a holiday.

    Kaye-- I haven't heard too much about Bay Tanner, so your thumbs up is appreciated!

    Mary-- That's high praise from most men. It's been years since I've heard a man actually rave about a book he's read.

    Kathy-- I am looking a bit for employment, but since this is the first time I've been unemployed since I was sixteen, I thought I'd take it slow and savor some time to myself. Thanks so much for thinking of me, you sweet thang, you.

    Brooke-- That's one of the great things about MMs... hearing about new-to-you books! :)

  7. These all sound good! I have heard The Man Who Loved Books Too much is a really good. Enjoy all your new books.

  8. I love The Suicide Collectors, it was one of my favorite books last year. I'm getting ready to read his new book Wormwood, Nevada. Hope you enjoy it.

  9. I want Under the Dome. Nice haul. Happy reading. My mailbox is at The Crowded Leaf.

  10. I really want to read The Suicide Collectors. Looks great. The Man Who Loved Books Too Much does as well.

    Want to enter my Book Lover's Basket Giveaway?? It would help my family a ton in the long run too!!


  11. Beth-- I've heard similar things about The Man Who Loved Books Too Much.

    Ryan-- Thanks for the thumbs up on The Suicide Collectors!

    Alayne-- The only problem with Under the Dome is finding a comfortable way of reading it. It's like trying to hang onto a doorstop!

    Lauren-- I'll head on over to take a look!

  12. The Man Who Loved Books Too Much sounds good!

    I know what you mean about the Stephen King book. I was with my brother when he bought it for my mom, it' s HEAVY!

    My Mailbox Monday post.

  13. Callista-- It could be considered a lethal weapon... but I am enjoying it!


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