Sunday, March 08, 2009

Poll Results Are In!

The results are in for the How Would You Spend $1,000 on Books Handicap!

Prolong the euphoria by spending hours compiling my shopping list took the lead out of the gate and never relinquished it, winning easily. There was a fight down to the wire for place, with Go to my favorite bookstore for a completely spontaneous buying binge nosing out I have a detailed list for just such an eventuality for the second place purse.

It was a dead heat for fourth between Buy everything on my Amazon wish list and Use part of it to buy books for friends, family and blog giveaways. All of the track officials reviewing the tape agreed that their noses touched the finish line at exactly the same time.

Scratched from the race were Buy that rare first edition I've secretly lusted after and Use part of it to buy good editions of old favorites.

I want to thank all the people who placed bets on the How Would You Spend $1,000 on Books Handicap. The horses for the next featured race will be coming on to the track shortly!


  1. I liked that! That reminds me...two months till the Derby! Yay!

  2. Well, at least I picked the second place winner!

  3. Thanks, Serena!

    Kitten--another Derby watcher. Yes!

    Kathy--So you're the one that nosed me out at the wire! LOL

  4. Love these polls. But I was sad to see this week's question : (
    I'm sorry that you got slammed like that. It can't feel good. It hasn't happened to me YET but I guess I better get ready for the day.

  5. Jenners--Funny the things that make me think of poll questions, eh? In case you wonder what my answer to the question is, it's option #2!


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