Sunday, September 24, 2023

On My Radar: Steve Hockensmith's Hunters of the Dead!


Back in 2010, I happened to come across a book by Steve Hockensmith called Holmes on the Range. There I made the acquaintance of Old Red (Gustav) and Big Red (Otto), the Amlingmeyer brothers, two cowboys who roam the Old West in search of work-- usually as ranch hands. Old Red loves the stories of Sherlock Holmes and believes he is a real person. Younger brother, Big Red, is Old Red's Dr. Watson because the two men do happen to stumble across a mystery now and then that allows Old Red to use his "deductifyin'" skills.

Holmes on the Range is funny, Old Red and Big Red live and breathe on the page, and the setting is so authentic that, after reading the last page, I wanted to beat off some trail dust with my Stetson before ambling into the saloon. And I haven't even told you that the mysteries are good ones, too. With that first book, I became a fan, and I've mourned the years that passed without a new Amlingmeyer mystery. So you know what I did when I learned that there was finally going to be a new book in the series. Yep. I pre-ordered it and then went out to the driveway to pop some wheelies on my scooter. Let me tell you more about this book I've been waiting for!

Available October 17, 2023!


"The A.A. Western Detective Agency takes on a new case in 1894 Wyoming, a land of bandit gangs and rustlers, when a group of scientists come to town in the hopes of rustling up something very different—dinosaur fossils.

With Big Red and Old Red Amlingmeyer on protection duty, Old Red’s obsession with Sherlock Holmes is forced to take a back seat. Until a human body is shockingly discovered during an excavation, that is.

As the mystery deepens, these cowboy detectives must put their sleuthing skills to the test to catch a killer stalking their client’s dig site."
If you love humorous mysteries set in the Old West, you've got to try Steve Hockensmith's Holmes on the Range series!


  1. I think this is such an interesting way to pay tribute to the Arthur Conan Doyle stories without re-inventing them, if that makes sense (I'm a purist, I admit, so I like stories left as the author wrote them). And there's definitely something about the Old West setting; I don't know why, but it does have a certain mystique about it.

    1. Yes, Holmes is definitely the inspiration here, not a main character, and the Old West setting is perfect.

  2. Wonderful! I've wondered if there was another book in that series coming out. Lots of fun to read!

  3. Both Holmes on the Range and this book sound so fun! I love a good western, and combining it with a mystery? Yes, please. :D


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