Sunday, July 23, 2023

On My Radar: Diane Vallere's Tulle Death Do Us Part!


Isn't it great when you learn that a favorite series you thought had died is suddenly brought back to life? Back almost ten (!) years ago, I fell in love with Diane Vallere's Material Witness cozy series featuring Polyester "Poly" Monroe, a dress designer who inherited her family's textile store. Yes, Poly, the humor, and the mysteries were tremendous draws to keep me coming back for more, but I think I fell in love with the fabric store, Material Girl, every bit as much. I devoured the first three books (Suede to Rest, Crushed Velvet, and Silk Stalkings) and then... nothing. 

When I stumbled across the fact that there will be a fourth book in the series, it was time for me to hop on my scooter, zip outside, and do some figure eights on the driveway. Yippee! Let me share more about Tulle Death Do Us Part!

Available October 24, 2023!


"When the historic Waverly House is transformed into a wedding venue, the town buzzes with excitement. An out-of-town couple with the loosest of local ties has adopted them as their own. But amidst the celebration, tragedy strikes when a guest is found dead in the chapel before the wedding march plays. Suspicion quickly falls on the bride. Poly's ex-boyfriend, the groom-to-be, needles Poly for help in solving the murder, but things take a complicated turn as old sparks reignite between them, stirring up feelings she thought she’d left behind.

Poly dives headfirst into a web of secrets and hidden agendas. From the eccentric wedding planner to the envious bridesmaids, she must untangle the knot of clues while navigating the complexities of her heart. As the investigation unfolds, Poly has a choice: her familiar past or a potential future with the town’s most eligible bachelor. With puns as sharp as tailor's shears and her knack for finding trouble, Poly is determined to expose the real culprit before the bride’s “I do” becomes the bride doing life.

Even though Tulle Death Do Us Part sounds as though it might have more romance in it than I usually prefer, I'm really looking forward to it, probably because I love that fabric store and the magic Poly can perform with material and a sewing machine.


  1. Oh, I love it when an author comes back like that after taking a break, Cathy. And those plays on words (Poly!) are terrific. I'll bet it'll be a good 'un.

  2. What a nice surprise! This sounds like a fun series.

  3. I'm not familiar with the series but this does sound interesting.

    1. I think one of the reasons why I like it so much is because all the fabric, patterns, and the sewing machines remind me of my grandmother. That, and I've always loved wandering around in fabric stores.

  4. You were due for some good news! Here's hoping it fulfills expectations.


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