Sunday, May 21, 2023

On My Radar: Allen Eskens' Saving Emma!


Allen Eskens' very first book, The Life We Bury, knocked my socks off. Perhaps it was because I have a very dear friend who was in a similar situation to young Joe Talbot's in the book, but-- putting that aside-- the story was powerful and beautifully written. Since then, I've learned not to ignore Allen Eskens because the man never disappoints; each of his books that I've picked up has been consistently excellent.

When I learn that he has a new book coming out, it's  cause for celebration, so let me share some of the details about Eskens' latest. I have a feeling that some of you will be celebrating right along with me!

Available September 19, 2023!


"When Boady Sanden first receives the case of Elijah Matthews, he’s certain there’s not much he can do. Elijah, who believes himself to be a prophet, has been locked up in a psychiatric hospital for the past four years, convicted of brutally murdering the pastor of a megachurch. But as a law professor working for the Innocence Project, Boady agrees to look into Elijah’s file. When he does, he is alarmed to find threads that lead back to the death of his colleague and friend, Ben Pruitt, a man shot to death four years earlier in Boady’s own home.
Ben’s daughter, Emma, has lived with Boady and Boady’s wife Dee ever since that awful night. Now fourteen years old, Emma has been growing distant, and soon makes a fateful choice that takes her far from the safety of her godparents. Desperate to bring her home, and to free an innocent man, Boady must do all he can to investigate Elijah’s case while fighting to save the family he has deeply come to love.
Written with energy, propulsion, and his characteristic pathos and insight, Eskens delivers another pitch-perfect legal thriller that reveals a twisted murder and explores faith, love, family, and redemption along the way.

I'm really looking forward to Saving Emma-- especially since I already met Boady Sanden in one of my Best Reads of 2021, Nothing More Dangerous. Eskens' books aren't your garden variety series books, but they are tied together by the characters who appear in them. (I don't know about you, but sometimes I prefer this approach to the standard book series.)

If you haven't read any of Allen Eskens' books, I hope you will make an effort to pick one up. I can't recommend him highly enough.


  1. I just love it when I discover an author whose work I like as much as you like his, Cathy. And this story does sound really compelling! It's the characters here that really interest me...

  2. I am unfamiliar with this author but always looking for someone new for myself or my sister (who has a birthday coming). Also, I think Lynne Olson's books are amazing. I liked Citizens of London so much I made my book group and practically everyone I know read it.

    1. Now you have me looking up Citizens of London. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I read and loved "Nothing More Dangerous" and now I'm looking forward to this one!

  4. I just looked up some of Eskins' novels and they all sound so good I'm not sure where to start. I'll probably go with The Life We Bury because I really like the sound of Joe Talbot. This one sounds equally interesting. Yay, a new author to try! :D

    1. The Life We Bury would be a good place to start, Lark.

  5. I'll virtually jump for joy about a new Allen Askens book, too. Loved Nothing So Dangerous and I like Boady.


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