Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Showstopper by Peter Lovesey

First Line: The old lady lifted a black velvet bag from her sewing box, loosened the cord and took out a silver Smith and Wesson revolver.
For six years, the hit television series Swift has been plagued with misfortune: the star pulling out before the series even started, accidents, injuries, missing persons... and two deaths. The media is quick to decide the program is cursed, but who's to say something else isn't to blame?

The filming is now in the Bath area. Detective Superintendent Peter Diamond's investigation into the suspicious death of one of the stars takes a turn when one of the rigging crew goes missing soon after.
While he and his team are piecing clues together, Diamond is harried by a boss who wants to get rid of him. It's beginning to look like he'll have to retire if he doesn't solve this case.
Should he polish up his golf game? 


Nothing spells reading enjoyment like a Peter Diamond mystery with its wit, humor, clever plots, and iconic main character. Think you know all about backseat drivers? If you haven't been graced with Peter Diamond as a passenger, think again. Moreover, no one can ignore technology like he can. Fortunately, he has a team that works like a well-oiled machine, a team that's aware of this man's quirks and can deal with them without even blinking an eye. Diamond may enjoy teasing members of his team, but he's also quick to praise them when a job is well done.

In Showstopper, Diamond and his team get a real workout as they try to discover why so many things are going wrong on the set of the hit television series Swift, and I have to admit that I had to wait for Diamond to work his magic because I was nowhere close to solving the case myself. 

I enjoyed the devious plot. I enjoyed the interactions between the characters. I enjoyed the backstage look at filming a hit TV show. And I certainly enjoyed Lovesey's knack for turning a vivid phrase ("an ancient wisteria with vines like petrified pythons"). If you haven't made the acquaintance of Peter Diamond, feel free to start right here with Showstopper. Yes, the characters do grow as the series progresses, but Lovesey is a master at treating each book as if it's a standalone. I jumped in about six or seven books ago and have never felt lost. However, I've also gathered together several of the earlier books to read at my leisure because Peter Diamond is one of those very addictive characters whom you just can't ignore.
Showstopper by Peter Lovesey
eISBN: 9781641294713
Soho Press © 2022
eBook, 337 pages
Police Procedural, #21 Peter Diamond mystery
Rating: B+
Source: Net Galley


  1. Oh, I like Peter Diamond a lot, too, Cathy! He is a fine character, and I like the way he's developed through the series. This sounds like an interesting puzzle, too!

  2. I have not met Peter but after reading your review I very much want to.

  3. What a great first line! And Peter Diamond does sound like a very fun character.


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