Sunday, May 01, 2022

April 2022 Additions to My Digital Security Blanket


Compared to March, I managed not to fall into the rabbit hole of digital book buying in April-- mostly due to the fact that the ragin' deals of the previous month died a swift death.

Let's see what I managed to scarf up last month, eh? I've grouped them by genre/subgenre, and if you click on the link in the book title, you'll be taken to Amazon US for more information.

===Historical Fiction===

 ■ Living as I do in the territory of Harvey House hotels (and I'm determined to spend at least one night at La Posada in Winslow, Arizona), I've long been fascinated by their history and by the people who worked for them. How could I pass this book up?
The Third Mrs. Galway by Deirdre Sinnott. Set in New York state. 

■ I purchased this due to a strong recommendation by one of my faithful readers. I look forward to reading it.

===Police Procedural===

Sarah's List by Elizabeth Gunn. Set in Arizona.

■ I really enjoy this series set in Tucson, so there's no way I could resist the sale price on this one!

Old Sins by Aline Templeton. Set in Scotland.

■ Another favorite writer of mine and a book in the DI Kelso Strang series which sees the inspector traveling through small-town Scotland solving crimes. I always look forward to the ones which are set in small towns that I'm familiar with.


■ Timothy Egan wrote one of my all-time favorite non-fiction books (The Worst Hard Time). Knowing that I love his writing and reading the synopsis of this one meant that I couldn't resist adding it to my digital security blanket.

Honorary White by E.R. Braithwaite. Set in South Africa.

To Sir With Love (one of my all-time favorite movies) is based on E.R. Braithwaite's book about his life as a teacher in the London slums. He wrote this one after a trip to apartheid South Africa. Should be very interesting reading!

■ Will I recognize any of the places Smith talks about? We shall see.

===Amateur Sleuth===

Girl Gone Missing by Marcie R. Rendon. Set in Minnesota and North Dakota.

■ I fell in love with the first book in Rendon's Cash Blackbear series (Murder on the Red River), and since I already have the ARC of the third book (Sinister Graves), I had to get my hands on the one in the middle!

1979 by Val McDermid. Set in Scotland.

■ Me? Pass up a non-Tony Hill mystery by Val McDermid? Not hardly!


Never Forget by Michel Bussi. Set in France.

■ I enjoyed French author Bussi's Don't Let Go so much that I've been keeping an eye peeled for other books he's written.

===Genealogical Mystery===

The Missing Father by M.J. Lee. Set in England.

■ I enjoy this series so much that it's one that I actually stay caught up on (and that's saying something). Lee always seems to find a fascinating bit of history to include while genealogist Jayne Sinclair is searching for someone's ancestors.

===Historical Mystery===
Pignon Scorbion & the Barbershop Detectives by Rick Bleiweiss. Set in England.
■ I've had my eye on this one for a while, so when it went on sale, you know what happened. The cover art looks a lot like the art used for a favorite historical series of mine, T.E. Kinsey's Lady Hardcastle mysteries, so I have to admit to a bit of anticipation.

So... how did I do? Did I choose some winners that you've already enjoyed? Did I manage to add to your own wishlists? Inquiring minds would love to know!


  1. I always love looking at your lists of digital security blankets, Cathy. You always choose such an interesting variety of books, even within the limits of crime fiction. I see one of your choices this time is an Aline Templeton; I like her work very much, and I hope you'll like this one.

    1. I've enjoyed this series so far. In fact, I've liked every one of Templeton's books that I've read.

  2. I like the sound of Diary of a Waitress. The cover is gorgeous, too. Honorary White and Nature Noir sound interesting as well. I look forward to hearing about them!

  3. Al 3 of the nonfiction sound interesting, and I hope you'll do a review of Pignon after reading it - that title alone is fascinating.

    1. Yes, that title has been playing with my mind since the first time I saw it!

  4. I must try one of Aline Templeton's books.

    1. My favorite is her DI Marjory Fleming series.

    2. Hate to say this but 1979 was a bit disappointing. Didn't get going until the last 100 pages. I'm glad I held on, but it was slow. I'm going back to the Karen Pirie series.

    3. Thanks for the heads up on 1979.

    4. Your opinion may differ. I like the protagonist.

  5. I'll check out the Marjory Fleming series. Sounds good.

    1. It is good. Templeton is one of my favorite writers.


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