Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Meanwhile, Back at MIM...

I just realized that I never finished our tour of the second floor of the Musical Instrument Museum, and I definitely have to get us caught up because Denis and I went back for a special exhibit so I have even more to show you.

This time, we'll be wandering through the Geographic Galleries pertaining to the USA and Europe. I've got my photos ready. Let's get started!

The first thing I saw when I walked through the door was the section for the Pacific Northwest. As you can see, there are many musical instruments and cultural items on display as well as video monitors where you can see and hear the instruments being played.

Here is the exhibit all set up for a pow wow. I had to stand there to watch and listen for awhile.

I've mentioned the Phoenix Indian School before when I've taken you on virtual tours of the Heard Museum. The school's band has an exhibit here at MIM.

An exhibit for Native American flutist R. Carlos Nakai.

A stage gown worn by Ella Fitzgerald in the 1960s.

True to my roots, I'll glare at anyone who says that the bagpipes are a horrible noise.

A beautiful lute guitar from England.

No exhibit on England would be complete without some Beatles memorabilia.

Costume (a kroj) from the Czech Republic.

Look at the detail!

A xorgan (barrel organ) from Ukraine.

A guitarra from Seville, Spain. Have I ever told you that I love flamenco music and dance?

A grand piano made for Tsar Nicholas I of Russia.

But I prefer the balalaika.

This has been a very abbreviated tour of the Geographic Galleries for the USA and Europe, but I think you can see that there are treasures to be found there, as there are all over this fabulous museum.


  1. All lovely. They remind me of my grandmother's taste in decor, pottery, etc. I have a teapot of hers which was glued together after it was broken.

    1. I have a very homely saucer that was broken and glued back together. It came from Ohio to Illinois in the 1840s.

  2. Oh, Cathy, this is all so stunning!! The lute guitar and the balalaika are gorgeous (well, everything is), and I love it that they also feature costumes and other things that give you a real sense of the instruments. Such painstaking crafting and the elegant beauty in simple things! I could see myself getting completely lost in that place!

  3. Wow! There is some amazing craftsmanship there. I especially love that costume from the Czech Republic.

  4. I'll defend bagpipes any day. hese instruments and costumes are beautiful. I am in awe of peoples around the world who have put so much ccare and artistry in whatever they have made.
    I'd be lost in that museum for hours.

    1. Denis and I have been lost in there for hours. I don't think it would be any surprise for you to know that we're members now.

  5. I'm not surprised at all. Wonderful place to be lost in for hours. And we benefit from seeing photos.

    1. None of us are able to go everywhere we want to go and see everything we want to see, so posts like this do have a purpose.

    2. Absolutely. Nothing like virtual travels and visits to wonderful places. No lines, little in expenses, no train schedules, etc.
      I'm quite content to read blogs, see photos and then do further research. Since we have the Internet, we are at such an advantage compared to pre-Web times.


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