Sunday, November 21, 2021

The Guest Bath Is Ready for Visitors!

All you regulars (and thanks for being regulars!) know that Denis and I recently went through the hassle of having our guest bath remodeled-- something that we've wanted to have done for a long time. 

Now it's done and ready to be shown off. Let's take a look at the Before & After photos!

The door from the guest bedroom into the guest bath.

When the house was originally built, there was a door into the kitchen where that white chest of drawers is. When a previous owner added the family room, access to the kitchen from this bedroom and bath was lost. You can just barely see the doors to a small cupboard right inside the door to your right. (Look for the silver door handles.)

Believe it or not, this before photo shows a vast improvement over what the bath looked like when I first moved in.

Here you can catch a glimpse of the linen cupboard between the shower and the wall. That shower felt as though you were entering a cave. And that window? When the previous owner added the family room, he also built over the window, so I always referred to it as the Window to Nowhere. When I sit in my recliner, I can rap Morse Code to someone in this bathroom. Well... if I knew Morse Code...

Demolition has begun!

Wow-- what a transformation already!

The remodel took two weeks instead of one, mainly because they didn't take into account that this is a house built in 1952. There was no drywall to slice through like butter. They had to hack their way through concrete and thick old plaster that contained a layer of chicken wire.

Now what's behind the blue door???

The sink and vanity are now where that white chest of drawers was.

Looking to the right. The hamper, wastebasket, and shelves are where that small cupboard was to the right of the door.

I'm not happy with that knitted scarf on the bottom shelf, so I'm busy needlepointing something else.

The Window to Nowhere is gone!

A shower head suitable for very tall guests. (And he knows who he is.)

Not only is this shower nice and roomy, it also has seven shelves, so guests who have a lot of different hair and body products will have plenty of room for their stuff.

The vent you see up by the ceiling is on the old wall to the bathroom. By taking that wall down and moving the sink and vanity into the former hallway, we've made this the biggest bathroom in the house.

One thing this room has never had is an extractor fan. No more "pea-soupers" when taking a hot shower! And the pot lights (which no other room in the house has) means there are no cave-like dark corners.

Yes, the process was a bit of a hassle, more because of turning our personal waking and sleeping times upside down than anything to do with the remodelers (whom we've already recommended to a couple of friends), but it certainly was worth it! It's going to take Denis and me a long time to get used to this new space.

To be honest, if the guest bedroom was large enough for our king-size bed, Denis and I would move in here and make this the master suite. Unfortunately, it's the smallest of the three bedrooms in the house.

Quite a transformation, isn't it?


  1. Wow, Cathy! It looks fantastic! What an amazing transformation! I love the way you've made such great use of the space you had, too. Really nicely done!

    1. Thanks, Margot. I'm still getting used to it!

  2. Those before-and-after photos are amazing. You must be so pleased...and relieved...that such a big job is behind you. (We are having kitchen and utility room floors pulled up on November 29, and we both dread it).

    1. I don't blame you. Any type of remodeling is stressful. You know the end result is going to be worth all the hassle...but the hassle! I've never know one instance that has gone smoothly from beginning to end.

  3. Replies
    1. Mike... you should be picturing Fozzie right now...

  4. Wow, what a transformation! It looks beautiful. :)

  5. It's very nice.
    Now that you've publicized how nice the new bathroom is, you may have a waiting list of people who want to stay overnight at your house.

    1. Perhaps longer. People may think your house is a B&B! But then it may be "the man or woman who came to dinner" and stayed.

    2. We used to have family and friends come to stay so often that we referred to this place as the Barlow B&B. Those were fun times.

  6. Congratulations! Now you can enjoy the relative peace and quiet of your regular lives 🙂

    1. Well, no. It's been disrupted again by the company wanting to install the main bath shower ahead of schedule. They came in, demolished the shower, found rotted wood, told us they don't do that, cleaned up, and left. Now we're trying to get a call back from someone to take care of the damaged wood. Good thing we got the guest bath done, eh?

  7. Wow! That was quite a transformation. I'm so glad you finally have the house to yourselves again. Thanks for showing us the results!


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