Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Goodbye, Aleppo...

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned having the huge Aleppo pine tree cut down, since it was a victim of the hottest, driest summer ever recorded here in Phoenix. I also said something about sharing a few photos of the event, and here they are...

The Objective: Cutting down the dead Aleppo pine. It was already a huge, bushy sentinel towering above everything else when I bought this property in 1981, but it just couldn't survive the Summer of 2020.

Once the equipment was in place, they began by removing all the limbs.

Part of the trimming and cleanup crew hard at work. Yes, it was over 100° when they were doing this.

Does this photo remind anyone else of "Fargo" or is it just me?

Just the trunk left.

All cut down. All that remains to be done is to grind down the stump, which you can see in the very short video that's next.

It wasn't only a sentinel; it was a neighborhood landmark. There will be a replacement, but I will always miss my friend.


  1. That was a beautiful tree before the summer of 2020 hit. I would miss it, too. It's funny about trees.

    I found a street view of our family's former home in Queens, and noticed right away that a few very tall fir trees in front of the house were gone. I wondered why anyone would remove them, and I felt some nostalgia for them.

    1. Who knows why they were removed? I've had friends tell me of perfectly healthy and well-kept trees being chopped down simply because the new homeowners wanted them gone. I guess there are as many reasons to hate trees as there are to love them.

  2. That's so sad that the tree had to go. There's something about trees, isn't there, Cathy? I almost think they have their own personalities, so that even if you put another tree there, it's different...

    1. It will be different when we plant a replacement or two, and I don't know if I'll ever get used to the difference.

  3. I've mourned the loss of several trees in my lifetime. The change to a landscape, that empty space. Sorry, about the Aleppo!


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