Monday, August 31, 2020

One for the Books by Jenn McKinlay


First Line: "Why is everyone staring at us?"

Finding out you've made a big organizational mistake when your wedding is only a week away is not good, and library director Lindsey Norris doesn't know whether to pull her hair, hyperventilate, or run screaming into the night. Fortunately, her friends dissuade her from doing any of them. 

Unfortunately, when she and her Crafternoon buddies head out to Bell Island to check out the wedding venue, they find a body that has washed up on the beach... and they know who it is: the justice of the peace who was to officiate at her wedding ceremony.

Nothing like a little murder to take Lindsey's mind off everything that's going wrong with her wedding!

I've loved this Library Lovers series from its inception, and it just keeps getting stronger, probably because the entire cast feels like family now. Not only does One for the Books come with several excellent reading recommendations, but it also comes with an idea that I wish I'd thought of when I got married: instead of gifts, donate a book to the library. How great is that?

The mystery was a bit easy to solve, but that's because the short time span before Lindsey's wedding meant that there were a lot of other things going on. This book is for the characters, and this is where it really shines. It's probably due to the fact that we share the same last name, but I've always had a proprietary interest in the sour puss Ms. Lemon. I'm thrilled with the progress of her character, and I hope she succeeds in her latest quest.

Excellent reading recommendations, a mystery to solve, laugh-out-loud humor, a wedding, and characters I love. One for the Books has all the feels-- and if I may make my own suggestion, have a box of tissues handy when you get close to the end. You'll need them. 

One for the Books by Jenn McKinlay

eISBN: 9780593101766

Berkley Prime Crime © 2020

eBook, 320 pages


Cozy Mystery, #11 Library Lovers mystery

Rating: A

Source: Net Galley


  1. That's actually a very clever premise for the story, Cathy. And I know just exactly what you mean by the cast of characters starting to feel like family. I've felt that way about a few series (for instance, Kerry Greenwood's Corinna Chapman series). It almost feels like you're going for a visit with dear friends when you read that sort of series.


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