Sunday, June 28, 2020

It's Time to Browse My Keeper Cases! (Part Three)

We have now arrived at the second (and final) "keeper case" in my living room. It houses non-fiction books whether they be history, biography, travel, or reference. It may or may not surprise you, since I don't do a lot of talking about non-fiction here on the blog. One shelf has a few of Denis's keepers, and I wonder if you'll be able to spot that shelf when you see it.

Apologies to any librarians among us-- these are not shelved in alphabetical order or any other order but my own, which is a loose grouping by topic. The photo that you see shows this keeper case after it was tidied up. The wheeled stool in front of it is quite handy for shelving books-- especially rolling up and down my row of To-Be-Read shelves.

Before I start showing you the shelves on the left side of the bookcase, I'll treat you to a little Before & After. Heaven forbid that you think my bookcases are ready for an Architectural Digest photo shoot 24/7!

As in my other "shelfie" posts, I've kept the file sizes large on the photos so you can manipulate them in order to see book titles, etc.  As you can see in the Before & After photo above, I did tidy up a little bit, but not as much as when I went through the books in my fiction keeper case. I have a tendency to hold on to non-fiction books even more tightly than I do fiction. I'm not quite sure why. Anyway-- it's time to start looking shelf-by-shelf at the books on the left side of the bookcase!

Shelf One

Shelf Two

Shelf Three

Shelf Four

Shelf Five

Shelf Six

With the exception of the top shelf, the left side of Keeper Case 2 is All Arizona All the Time, isn't it? From its history to its flora and fauna to its wide variety of breathtaking scenery, I love this state, and the bottom shelf in particular represents thousands of miles traveled both on and off paved roads and thousands of photos taken within its borders.

If you have any questions about any of the books, I've numbered the shelves, so just leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

What do you think? Do you think I own enough books about Arizona?


  1. I love it that you have so much there on Arizona, its history, and so on, Cathy.I think it's fantastic that you explore the state so thoroughly. And I have to admit, I do like history a lot, so it's nice to see so much history and historical fiction there...

    1. I love history, which might come as a surprise to some readers because I really don't talk about it much here on the blog either in non-fiction or in historical mysteries.

      There are few places in Arizona that Denis and I haven't been, and I'm looking forward to being able to travel to the ones we've missed someday soon.


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