Thursday, April 02, 2020

Operation: Craft Room

One of the rooms that's changed over the years since I've owned this house is the craft room. It used to be the library until I made a very important decision to go through my 6,000+ books and keep only 2,000. It only made sense. I am not a re-reader, and books are meant to be read. Besides, I had other things that were demanding more elbow room.

What follows is a series of photographs of my craft room, from what it looked like in 2012 to what it looks like now. During this latest reorganization, I took photos each day, but I'm not going to bore you with all of them. (Who knows? I may still be boring you with too many!)

Let's get started...

Here it is in 2012 when it only took six sections to house my needlepoint tools.

Here it is in 2015 when knitting had definitely started to take over. Some grumbled because they couldn't see the yarn anymore.

2020: the table is a dumping ground. I seldom sit in here anymore. I'd let a ribbon trail to the floor, and the Roomba sucked it up and tried to demolish my ribbon organizer. A  hot mess!

The other side. (Gotta give you the whole picture, right?)

Denis installed a new light (Let there be Light!) and moved the table a few feet away into the next room.

Things are moving over here, too.

All pattern books were moved to the office which is where I sit and choose my next projects.

That off-white round hamper contains leftover bits and bobs of yarn.

I bought that four-tiered wheeled cart for all the tools of my trades. If I need to do something at the craft table, it's easily moved there.

All non-knitting paraphernalia is at this end of the room. Looks finished, doesn't it? Hehehe...

NOW it's finished!

It almost looks as though I have my own craft store.

A closeup for the yarn lovers amongst us. The two-plus bins of lavender yarn are greatly reduced now that I've almost finished knitting an afghan. These are bulky, super bulky, or worsted weight yarns.

These are finer weight yarns or yarns with bling.

The yarn to the left is worsted weight. The yarn on the right is all cotton, some on big cones.

This is definitely a room that has adapted itself to my changing needs, and I'm very lucky that I have such a place; many people do not.

I wonder what it will look like five years from now?


  1. Great job! We have to repurpose our spare room this weekend to make it more useful as a work space.

    1. Good luck, and hopefully you'll even have some fun!

  2. That is a fabulous craft room, Cathy! It's attractive, so that a person would want to spend time there. And it's also got everything all set up so you can get at it when you want it. Useful, appealing, and full of treasures. I love it!

  3. A great sanctuary for when needed! Books are wonderful, but so is crafting!

  4. This is like a little store! Love it! I do no crafts, but I like to look.

    1. That makes me think of the crafts that I have no interest whatsoever in doing...but I love to watch! LOL

  5. The room is great so well-organized. And the yarn stored like that does resemble a crafts store.

    1. I can go in there and "go shopping," which is nice since I can't leave the house.

  6. Yes, and you can have a "free" shopping spree.

    1. Well yes... if I overlook the fact that I've already paid for everything in there!


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