Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Rogue Wave by Jane Thornley

First Line: The bitter Nor'easter shoved me downhill.

Knitwear designer Phoebe McCabe is at a bit of a loose end when the company she works for closes, but then she learns that she might have a chance to locate her missing brother and a lost treasure in Bermuda, and she jumps at the chance. In no time at all, she finds herself up to her neck in danger.

This is a quick, light mystery that I found alternately fun to read and exasperating. A centuries-old lost treasure? Sign me up. An old house in Bermuda with all sorts of secret passages? I'll be right there. And-- there's something about a hero who picks up her knitting to calm down and think that appeals to me. But that same hero was the reason I often found the book exasperating. Emotionally, Phoebe McCabe is all over the place. One minute she's wisecracking and making me laugh, the next she has tears streaming down her face. One second, she's highly intelligent, the next she's too stupid to live.

Other reasons why Rogue Wave was rather hit-or-miss with me? It was way too easy to figure out whodunit, and... the editing was atrocious. Superfluous words, missing words, awkward wording-- too many instances that made my eyes do a little hiccup and go back to make their own edits. The series has promise, and reading Rogue Wave was an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, but I doubt that Phoebe and I will be meeting again.

Rogue Wave by Jane Thornley
Riverflow Press © 2018
eBook, 238 pages

Amateur Sleuth, #1 Crime by Design
Rating: C+
Source: Purchased from Amazon.



  1. This is one instance of you read it so I don't have to. I'll stay away from this. I hate badly edited books. I end up doing corrections as I'm reading.
    I have sent emails to publishers when it's egregious.

  2. There isn't. I have heard from copyeditors that publishers have laid off a lot of copyeditors -- and I assume, proofreaders. Penny wise and pound foolish, as is said.

    1. No wonder so many of us can't string a few simple words and punctuation marks into a coherent sentence.


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