Sunday, February 23, 2020

More from the Wildlife World Zoo

You asked for them, and here they are: twelve more photos that I took during our last visit to the Wildlife World Zoo here in the Phoenix metropolitan area. The zoo recently announced new exhibits, including pygmy hippos, and the videos they've been sharing on Instagram really make me want to get back there!

Back in the Baby Animal Nursery, here are a pair of tiny Blue Duikers.

A pair of wood ducks. These ducks nest high in trees, and the ducklings have to jump out and fall to the ground to get to water.

I don't know what this little guy is, but he looks so peaceful!

A ring-tailed lemur (another favorite of mine) catching some rays.

This lemur took one look at me, turned its head, and stuck out its tongue. Same to ya, buddy!

Black-Handed Spider Monkey. I used to be all long and spindly like that. Ah, the good old days!

Sailfin Dragon closeup. I wonder what shade of lipstick that is?

Didn't this White-Faced Capuchin star in "Grumpy Old Men"?


Reticulated Giraffes, in all sizes.

Red-Tailed Meerkat. I could watch 'em all day!

A lovely little train that takes you around the zoo. It's a b-i-g place!

I wish you were here so I could use my free passes to take you here. It's the absolute perfect time of year to be in the Valley of the Sun!


  1. What fabulous 'photos, Cathy! I really do want to visit! I have to say the one I like best is the meerkat; I love those critters. I used to watch a TV show called 'Meerkat Manor,' that featured one meerkat and her clan, living in the Kalahari Desert. A great show, if they ever do reruns or something.

    1. I did see Meerkat Manor. They even have it on DVD for purchase now.

  2. Oh, Meerkat Manor? Never heard of it.
    I like the baby duiker, impala anad the giraffes, especially the young 'uns.
    Thanks so much for the photos. I can see that visit brightened your day.

  3. Nothing like a sassy lemurs, eh!?! The meerkats are very cute too!


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