Sunday, July 07, 2019

Relaxing in Ramsey Canyon, Part Four: Non-Humming Feathered Friends

I like stretching out these posts about Ramsey Canyon. I get to share more photos, and I'm enjoying reliving the experience. For me to be staying somewhere where the only things I can hear are the wind through the trees, birdsong, and the occasional growl from a coatimundi is to be in heaven.

This week I'm sharing photos I took of some of the resident birds. I was already familiar with the raucous calls of scrub jays from time spent in the Bisbee area, and I quickly learned that acorn woodpeckers can't carry a tune in a bucket either. And then there was the white-breasted nuthatch that was determined to stay out of camera range.

Let's take a look at some of our feathered friends, shall we?

My T. Rex Vision usually spotted this nuthatch zipping down tree trunks-- and it always made sure to dash around to the other side of the trunk when I moved. Trying to photograph this little devil was a challenge!

Here it is, peeking out at me from a vantage point that would ensure the camera focused on the tree and not the bird. Dumb animals. Ha!

Zipping down the tree trunk again. It wanted the seeds in the feeder but was so shy that it would only take one seed at a time. How camera shy can you get? Is it in the Witness Protection Program or something?

The nanosecond it realized I had my camera out, it was off!

The resident scrub jays seemed not to like the resident coatimundis and would raise a fuss whenever they saw one. I quickly learned to have my camera in hand and my eyes peeled when they started squawking. Notice how this one has been banded. Most of Cochise County, Arizona is one of the premier birding places in the world.

Meet the resident acorn woodpecker. Definitely not shy!

In fact, it turned out to be the most photogenic of the bunch.

Something a bit unsettling about those eyes, isn't there?

But what a handsome fellow!

I hope you're enjoying Ramsey Canyon, too. Next week will be our last visit when I share photos of the hummingbirds we had fun watching. Join me then!


  1. I've been so enjoying your 'photos, Cathy! And your stories are great! What a lovely place it must be. As I was looking at the 'photos, I was also thinking about how much rich variety there is in the wildlife there.

    1. There's a jaguar that's been spotted in the mountains around there. Now THAT would've been a photo-op!


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