Sunday, May 26, 2019

Our First Visit to the Wildlife World Zoo, Part Two

Last week, I told you about the first half of our visit to the Wildlife World Zoo. Today it's time to tell you about the second half. So far, we haven't been able to go back to finish exploring the rest of those 95 acres, but we will be!

When you're building a barn for giraffes, don't make a mistake on the height of the doors!

When this giraffe saw me coming with my camera in hand, he started making faces. I don't know if it was because he was trying to scare me off or because he did want his picture taken!

If you want to feed giraffes, here's the spot for you!

When this macaw saw me coming, he checked to see if I had a camera...

...and when I headed for his buddy, he had to come over to try to hog the shot.

This female kudu and I shared a moment. She listened as I talked to her, and she looked at me with those beautiful, gentle eyes. The thought of someone wanting to hurt this gorgeous creature made tears come to my eyes.

Whenever I see an East African Crowned Crane, I think of Audrey Hepburn in The Nun's Story.

East African Crowned Crane

My favorite of the big cats: the cheetah. (db)

A little cheetah love in the afternoon. (db)

This brown-tufted capuchin monkey reminds me of the one that ate poisoned dates in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Some animals automatically make me smile the second I see them. Lemurs are one of them.


I think it has something to do with those tails!

I also love meerkats!

Meerkat. (db)

Male wood duck.

Female wood duck. Her ducklings gathered around Denis and kept pecking at his shoes. (db)

And as we headed back to the exit, there were two African Spurred tortoises playing leapfrog. *ahem*

I hope you enjoyed visiting the Wildlife World Zoo. I'm really looking forward to going back there to check out the rest of the place (and seeing the lemurs and meerkats again)!


  1. Oh, I love these 'photos, Cathy! I'm so glad you had a good visit, and those animals are breathtaking. It looks as though they're given really good places to live, too, and not just cages. Even better!

  2. What lovely photos. I love giraffes and cheetahs. Those parrots are so colorful. Once at Busch Gardens in Florida, I had a huge macaw on each arm. Fine with me.
    My then-partner who was afraid of birds was terrified. But he took some good photos of me standing there with huge birds on both arms.
    I had no idea about turtle relationships. One learns something new every day on the Internet.
    And I have finished my foray into 1922 India. (sigh) Feminism in India in the 1920s! So interesting. Wonder if other writers have a feminist take on events there and then. And another relationship to ponder.

    1. When we visited Rooster Cogburn's Ostrich Farm on the way to Tucson, we fed the lorikeets. I had a line of them from one hand, up the arm, across the shoulders, and down the other arm to that hand. I even had one on my head. This couple from Norway kept taking photos of me. I should've charged a fee!


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