Sunday, April 21, 2019

Wings and Blooms at Butterfly Wonderland

Last week, after an aborted attempt to visit the Desert Botanical Garden (we'll try again this week), Denis and I drove out to the eastern fringes of Scottsdale to Butterfly Wonderland and had a fantastic time. I  thought I'd share a few of our photos with you. (Each of us took about 150, so this is a few!)

I found myself appreciating the desert landscaping outside.

The flowering climbing vines up the columns, too!

Before you enter the conservatory, you can watch new butterflies emerge from their chrysalises. (db)

Inside the conservatory. Listed as a "rainforest experience," do not enter if high humidity is your enemy! (db)

There's even a koi pond and waterfall. (db)

One of their favorite places on me to rest was my collar. (db)

There are also tiny birds and small chickens in the conservatory. (db)

As you can see, bowls of sliced fruit in the sun are wildly popular. (db)

Color coordinated! (db)

Their Very Hungry Caterpillar celebration is popular with children.


This malachite butterfly liked the camouflage of bamboo.

You never know where you'll see a butterfly.

Some succulents love high humidity and misting systems.

Those orange-spotted butterflies are so striking. They're called Catonephele.

You never know what's going to be keeping an eye on you-- like this little tree frog!

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Butterfly Wonderland!


  1. What gorgeous 'photos, Cathy! The butterflies and the flowers are all so lovely. I can see why you and Denis liked the place so much. And those butterflies certainly seemed to like you!

    1. They certainly did-- although I think they actually were missing our niece Daisy!

  2. What beautiful butterflies. And I did not know about the chrysalises until last week in a New York Times crossword puzzle which was about butterflies. So now I see a photo of some.
    Amazing what one can learn from crossword puzzles and book blogs.

    1. It's been my experience that knowledge can be found in many places-- many of which I'd never thought of.


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