Wednesday, April 17, 2019

April at the Phoenix Zoo

It was a perfect day to go wander around the Phoenix Zoo. Partly cloudy skies meant that between the clouds and the trees at the zoo, we wouldn't be "fried on the hoof" in the unrelenting desert sun. We also timed it to miss most of the hordes of children because-- although I think it's great for them to learn about the other citizens of this planet-- I can do without their screeching and not looking where they're going. (Yes, I'm a silent curmudgeon.)

Without further ado, join Denis and me on our stroll through the zoo!

It only takes a little water to make desert plants happy, like these prickly pear. ©db

You know me. I check holes. This time I found a woodpecker doing some prep for this year's nest. ©db

Then off in the distance we spied desert bighorn sheep on the top of the butte.

That one just had to raise his head at that particular moment... ©db

This is the first time we'd been able to see them at the top of the butte.

I felt sorry for the spotted hyena. It was being chased around its enclosure by a herd of screeching children. ©db

Knock it off, kid, ya bother me! ©db

The tiger had quite the fan club. ©db

The Endangered Species Carousel. ©db

The zoo is a good place to check out the flowers, too.

Other folks enjoying the day.

An egret appreciating the breeze.

A baby giraffe was born recently here at the zoo. As chummy as these two were getting, I wouldn't be surprised if there's another birth in the future.

Just me appreciating the shade...and the GREEN!

A Hamadryas baboon.

Some snoozing African Painted Dogs.

Flower bracts on a crown of thorns succulent.

Did you see that?!?

Sweet acacia blossoms.

The inside of a cactus is just as interesting to me as the outside. Sometimes they look like lace.

You know me. If it blooms, I'll take a photo of it!

Another pretty!

Growing by the lagoon.

A row of benches along a row of bougainvillea that's just about to go ballistic (bloom like crazy).

Nice seating area by the lagoon, but "natives" like Denis and me will only sit in the shade.

Have Flowers

Will Photograph!

A nice place to sit and enjoy the zoo.

On our way over the bridge and out to the parking lot, I happened to spy this little green heron fishing for its lunch. Too bad I couldn't get a shot without those ESPs! (Evil Stick People)

Hope you enjoyed your visit! This week, Denis and I are going back to the Desert Botanical Garden, and then there's a zoo on the opposite side of town that we want to check out. Gotta wear out those camera batteries, ya know!


  1. You both have the best outings! And wonderful photographs.
    Me, too for shade.

    It is amazing how many interesting places there are to explore in Phoenix. Who would have thought?

    I so enjoy reading these pots and seeing the photos.

    1. And Denis and I learned that there's another large zoo clear over on the west side of the valley. You know that we'll have to check that out!

  2. Such gorgeous 'photos, Cathy! Thanks for sharing. Funnily enough, my family and I just went to the San Diego Zoo on Saturday and had a fabulous time. Zoos really can be gorgeous places when they designed for the animals, if I can put it that way.

    1. I really enjoy the San Diego Zoo, too. I didn't like zoos for quite a long time because the first one I visited as a child was the St. Louis Zoo, and the animals were in cages, pacing back and forth behind the bars. I hated that.

  3. Great pictures! I love the prickly pear--brings back memories of our house in Texas when I was young, love to see them bloom!

    1. There's just something about lots of cacti blooming that makes me happy. Glad you liked the photos!


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