Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Desert Botanical Garden in March

I'm still seeing areas of the U.S. getting snow, and I know all of you being afflicted with the white stuff must be heartily sick of it by now. Denis and I attempted another visit to Butterfly Wonderland and OdySea Aquarium last week and discovered the same hordes of people, long lines, and lack of parking as we did the week before. We've come to the conclusion that those two places are best left to visit after baseball spring training and snowbird season are over. This means that a large chunk of the year will be a no-go for us, so we're going to let our memberships lapse and just pay as we go.

Fortunately, we had more than enough time to go to the Desert Botanical Garden afterward to see how all the blooms were progressing. In a couple of weeks, the garden should be breathtaking, but we certainly found more than enough to keep us occupied now. If you're in need of photos showing brightly colored flowers as well as furred and feathered critters, keep on scrolling!

The same roadrunner was at the Patio Cafe. (db)

Papa Gila Woodpecker checking on the young'uns.

A young ground squirrel hoping for a meal.

Never saw a young'un like this before. Best I could come up with is that it's a baby gopher.

I still love the architectural forms you find in all the various cacti. This one doesn't look like much... (db)

...but close up? Art Nouveau? Art Deco? You decide!

The interior structure of a large columnar cactus.

I've seen patterns of shingles on old Victorian houses that resemble the leaves of this agave.

Looks like it's unraveling, doesn't it?

Watch where you sit in the Butterfly Pavilion! (db)

Layers of beauty. (db)

Drinking up the sun. (db)

Fairy Duster closeup. We have a big one in the front garden. Bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds love it! (db)

A Sabi Star from South Africa. (db)

Agave and Mexican honeysuckle.

Another favorite of butterflies.

Indian Paintbrush.

Purplish blue Lupine.

A scarlet Penstemon marking the bend in the path.

Happy Desert Marigolds.

What an incredible shade of blue!

A red fishhook barrel cactus in bloom.

Big spires of yucca blossoms can be very impressive.

Aloes in bloom.

Succulents aren't just green.

The oh-so-delicate pastel blooms of a Bishop's Cap cactus.

This is a Sultan's Cap cactus in bloom. I think it looks like a piece of chocolate cake with chocolate sprinkles, a light cherry glaze, and a touch of whipped cream. What do you think?

No blooms yet, but still colorful, and they look as though they're emerging from under those rocks.

A crown of flowers for a thorny head.

More color!

My favorite "pot" in the garden...

Because I love claret cup cacti!

I hope you enjoyed another visit to the Desert Botanical Garden. I've heard that the new meerkat exhibit is finally finished at the Phoenix Zoo, so next time I may take you on a meander through there.


  1. Your 'photos are absolutely stunning, Cathy! And I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. I certainly was glad to tag along virtually...

  2. I miss the desert so much! It is gorgeous during the Spring! And warm, which I really miss! Thank you for the photos. I have two photos my dad took of his cactus blooming that he had made into 8x10's and they are on my wall in my living room so I can see them all the time.

    1. I'd hate it if I ever had to move away from here.

  3. It is just beautiful there--it looks so exotic and so different from the plants that grow in Minnesota!


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