Wednesday, March 21, 2018

On My Radar: Andrea Camilleri's Death at Sea

This book may not be available until the beginning of September, but as soon as I saw it, I did a little happy dance and made a note of it. Then when I absorbed the particulars, I did another few dance moves.

Let me show you the book and its synopsis first--

Available September 4, 2018!
 Synopsis: "Set on the Sicilian coast, a collection of eight short stories featuring the young Inspector Montalbano.

In 1980s Vigàta, a restless Inspector Montalbano brings his brash yet clear-sighted investigative style to eight enthralling cases.
Death at Sea finds the detective seeking to bring justice to crimesfrom those involving jilted lovers and deadly family affairs to an encounter featuring the assassination attempt against the Pope to murders in unexpected placesalways with the mafia not far behind. 

This collection is an essential addition to any Inspector Montalbano fan's bookshelf and an excellent way to introduce new readers to Andrea Camilleri's unforgettable slice of Sicily."

Having attended so many author events at The Poisoned Pen, I know that there are many times when writers have ideas for stories that are just too short for full-length books, so I welcome short stories and short story collections. I can't wait for this one!

Now, why was I extra happy when I read the particulars of Death at Sea? I've read a previous Camilleri short story ("The Fourth Secret") and a novella, Montalbano's First Case, and while the stories were good, they were translated by other people, not the marvelous Stephen Sartarelli. Long-time readers of the Inspector Montalbano mysteries would notice the difference. However, this time, Death at Sea is translated by Sartarelli, and that's what made me dance those extra steps.

I know fellow Montalbano fans will rejoice with me at the news of a new book, and for those of you who have yet to fall under the inspector's spell, this short story collection would be the perfect time to make his acquaintance.


  1. Oh, I'm always happy to read one of Camilleri's novels, Cathy. I really, really like that series. Setting, wit, good mysteries, and that food....

    1. I think you could say we're members of the choir, Margot! LOL

  2. I received this comment in an email this morning from B. in Missouri:

    "I recently discovered this author (thanks to you, Cathy) and I love his books. I bought them all after I read the first one. I am forcing myself to read just one and then read other things in between. I don't want to finish too quickly. So news of another book is exciting for me."

    1. Thank you! I think most book bloggers would agree that we can receive no higher praise than to hear that someone is reading and loving an author's books because we made the initial introduction.

  3. Wow! A Montalbano book I haven't ever heard of. Good news.
    As a member of the Montalbano fan club, I can't wait to get my hands on this one.

    Alas, only problem is I always way to run out and find the closest Italian restaurant and eat pesce and pasta. I will have to settle for coffee and a biscotti.

  4. It should be pointed out that Sartarelli has also translated "Montalbano's First Case", and that it appears in a large collection (over 500 pp.) with other stories and novellas, titled "Montalbano's First Case and Other Stories." It's a very good collection and an interesting break from the novels.


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