Monday, January 08, 2018

While Miz Kittling Knits: A Touch of Frost

Although I'm still working on an afghan, I do have other knitting projects in various stages of completion. That afghan is getting much too cumbersome to pick up when I only have a very few minutes to get my needles clacking.

I've also been energized by something that I was told the last time I went in for a haircut. The salon wants to have some sort of little boutique area next Christmas where folks can buy stocking stuffers and the like. I liked the sound of that. Who knows? If I'm lucky, I may be able to keep myself in yarn, says I with a wink.

I've been using a super bulky acrylic yarn for a pattern the designer calls the "strawberry jam neck wrap." Since I'm allergic to strawberries, I've just been referring to it as a neck wrap. One of the things I like the most about this pattern is that it's quick and easy, using size 15 needles and that super bulky yarn. The only thing I've had to do is keep track of how many rows I've knitted, which is easy with a row counter. (I have three or four row counters, since using one is essential for the afghan I'm making.)

The other thing I like about the pattern is the different ways the neck wrap can be worn. Here are some photos to show you what I mean.

With Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick in "Blossom."

In Loops & Threads Country Loom in a discontinued color.

Discontinued baby yarn in a color called "Big Bird."

I really like how these look with a shawl pin holding them in place, but the pattern calls for a button closure. The pink one does have a button, and another reason to like the pattern is that it has eyelets-- one of which can be used as a buttonhole so I don't have to make one.

Now... what have I been watching as I'm knitting up a storm? Take a look!

On Denis's days off, we've been watching David Jason in "Only Fools and Horses," a long-running British sitcom. Denis already knows this so it won't come as a shock if he reads it here: I don't like David Jason's character Del Boy in that series. At all.

When I saw that Britbox not only had all of "Only Fools and Horses," but all of a crime series called "A Touch of Frost" that Jason starred in, I thought I'd give it a go.
"A Touch of Frost" ran for fifteen seasons, beginning in 1992, and it's not a forensics-and-science-driven series.

David Jason plays Detective Inspector Jack Frost. His personal life has been anything but happy. He's extremely unconventional, sympathizes with the underdog, and strongly believes in moral justice. He doesn't always have a pen and notepad, and the top of his desk looks like a dumpster. He also comes up short when it comes to showing his superior officers the "proper respect," but no one can beat his intuition when it comes to finding the bad guys. So far I've watched him solve cases in which there was no evidence...but he knew exactly how to trick the guilty parties into leading his team right to what would put them behind bars. I do enjoy coppers who use their brains to solve crime.

I have to admit that I much prefer David Jason as Jack Frost, and I'm looking forward to many more evenings spent solving crimes with him while my knitting needles work away.  


  1. I've noticed that Frost series, but have never tried it. Good to know more about it.

  2. I like that series, too, Cathy. Glad you've been enjoying it, too. And those neck wraps are gorgeous!

  3. I like that there are so many ways to wear the neck wrap. I wish I'd had one last week. Brrr

    I have never seen either series. I may check them out.

    1. Yes, your balmy weather took a vacation in Arizona, I do believe.

  4. Must try the Frost series.

    Will skip the knitting as I'm not good at it, but those neck wraps look warm -- I say, living in a city that hit 7 degrees over the weekend.

    1. And here I've been basking in temperatures that almost hit 80 degrees!

  5. Wow, almost pool weather!

    I didn't even go out after the snow last week and then the cold weather.


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