Monday, December 18, 2017

December at the Desert Botanical Garden

There's always something to see at the Desert Botanical Garden, no matter the time of year. Denis and I spent last Thursday afternoon there, and I thought I'd share some of the photos I took. If you'd like to see any of them in their original sizes, just click on one and a new window will open automatically so that you may do so. Enjoy!

Jun Kaneko sculpture at the entrance.

Christmas tree outside the Webster Center.

Some of our lunch companions at the Patio Café. I love Gambel's quail!

Jun Kaneko sculpture

Desert Marigolds

There's always something in bloom.

So many paths to wander....

Prickly pear fruits, beloved of critter and human alike.

Teddy Bear Cholla--NOT for Christmas decorating!

The "bags" you see lining the paths are luminarias.

Sculpture in a bed of barrel cacti.

There are many places to sit and enjoy the garden and its wildlife.

Cacti come in all shapes and sizes.

Poinsettias behind Jun Kaneko sculpture. Poinsettias grow here.

Agave growing a huge bloom stalk. Once it blooms, the plant will die.

A young cactus wren who's still a bit fuzzy.

Another lunch buddy who posed atop a rock for us when we left.

I hope you enjoyed meandering through the garden with me. I'm working on taking some videos of my strolls. If they pass my quality control, you might see some of them in the future.


  1. Love these, especially the critters. Thanks for posting.

    It must be such a treat to be able to just drive over to a place like this.

    1. It is. I could go a couple of times a week if I let myself.

  2. These 'photos are gorgeous, Cathy. I'm so glad you and Denis took the time to drink in the experience. You're lucky you have such a beautiful place close enough by to visit when you want to.

    1. Between The Poisoned Pen and the Desert Botanical Garden, I can't get much luckier! (Well, I can...those aren't the only wonderful things in my life!)

  3. Right. There's Alexa -- not.


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