Wednesday, November 01, 2017

A Simple Heartfelt Thank You, Mom

Recently when Denis and I watch programs like "Cash Cab" or "Jeopardy!" --or even something like the news-- I've been reminded over and over again just how much I owe my mother. My mother who, on a widow's pension and a variety of part-time jobs, still managed to save enough money to subscribe to series published by Time-Life Books because she realized that my insatiably curious mind needed feeding. 

Series like Ancient Civilizations, The Old West, The Epic of Flight, Great Ages of Man, The Seafarers, Museums of the World, and Library of Art. Each time a new volume would arrive, it was like Christmas. I would read the text and try to soak up all the gorgeous full-color photos in each book when I was a tween and teenager, and I found myself referring to these books time and again in later years.

With boundless love, I want to thank you, Mom, for knowing that the feeding of your child's mind was every bit as important as filling her belly.



  1. What a beautiful post, Cathy. Thanks for sharing your memories. And I remember those Time-Life books; they were great!

  2. That's a lovely post honoring your mother. Great that she was able to get you those books.

    This reminds me of Trevor Noah, the comedian from South Africa. His memoir, "Born a Crime," is terrific. He was a young child living under apartheid.

    His book is an ode to his mother. Even while totally impoverished, as her family ate soup made from meat bones, she managed to get books in the home for her curious, reading son.

  3. Oohh, I recogize those books. At least, some of them. Mom has them on her shelves.

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    1. I really enjoyed reading those, and hey lookit! I live out West now! ;-)


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