Monday, October 09, 2017

My Top Ten(ish) Movies

One of the things that make compiling top ten lists so difficult for me is the fact that the finalists can change from day to day (or hour to hour) depending on my mood. Making choices like this tend to be extremely subjective because I'm not looking at each choice from an expert's point of view. I'm not looking at cinematography, screenplays, choice of actors, et al. with anything that even remotely smacks of expert knowledge. I'm looking at how all the parts of a movie affect my emotions and my mind. 

That said, here is my most recent list of top ten favorite movies according to their release dates. Hopefully, you'll find one or two of yours here as well. Click on the name of the movie in each caption, and you'll be taken to more information about that film.

1943--Shadow of a Doubt   1954--Rear Window I had a little trouble choosing one favorite Hitchcock movie!

1949--The Heiress

My interpretation of the ending of The Heiress has changed over time as my life experience has changed. I like that.

1957--The Incredible Shrinking Man

1962--The Manchurian Candidate

1963--The Haunting

1972--Jeremiah Johnson

1991--The Silence of the Lambs

2002--Rabbit-Proof Fence

2003--Finding Nemo


Do we agree on any of these films? Did I surprise you with any of my choices? Which ones? Inquiring minds would love to know!


  1. You have such an interesting list here, Cathy! It's varied, and I do like your choices! I don't know if I could narrow my list down to ten...

    1. Well...I did say that if someone asked me this same question tomorrow, my answers would probably be entirely different! ;-)

  2. Interesting. I liked Rabbit-Proof Fence and Rear Window, but the rest aren't on my top 10 list. I like Notorious and The Lady Vanishes, as classics. I think Julia is on my list, too.

    But the rest of my favorites aren't mysteries, but dramas, some with social and historical significance, like films of Ken Loach's about Ireland, The Grapes of Wrath, The Good Earth, The Great Debater,

    I really have to think about this as movies don't just pop into my brain these days, especially going back years.

    1. Most of my favorite movies aren't mysteries either, as you can see. You've listed some good ones yourself.

  3. I've seen Rear Window, Jeremiah Johnson, The Silence of the Lambs, Finding Nemo, & Avatar.

    1. 50% isn't bad...although I did notice that you didn't say whether or not you liked them. ;-)


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