Friday, January 20, 2017

A Believe It or Not Weekly Link Round-Up

For several years now I have categorically stated that I refused to have a phone that's smarter than I am. Categorical statements can be, well, dangerous. You know? Ah, I see. You've made a few of them yourself. I feel a bit better now.

You see before you my new iPhone SE. When they learned of this new possession, some of my friends went into profound shock. One messaged me to inquire after my (mental) health. In response to a baffled "Why?!?" I replied, "Water (Denis) will eventually wear away even the hardest stone (me)."

Once Denis let me touch it, the first thing I did was go to Settings and turn off auto-correct and predictive text, two things that I loathe with a passion. 

As to why I changed my mind... I think I shall remain silent. My reason would probably only make you shake your heads in disbelief. Instead, I'm going to mosey out to the link corral. They're gettin' restless. 

Head 'em up! Mooooooooove 'em out!


►Books, Movies & Other Interesting Tidbits◄

►Channeling My Inner Indiana Jones◄
  • An ancient underwater potato garden has been uncovered in Canada.
  • Archaeologists believe that Chaco Canyon inhabitants likely relied on imported food.
  • Poland has purchased a Da Vinci painting in a $105 million art deal. 
  • What you can find mudlarking on the Thames Foreshore in London.
  • Romans used to ward off sickness with flying penis amulets.
  • Mary Beard stumbles upon a priceless set of Henry VIII tapestries in a New York City rug shop.
  • The first known map to feature parts of the New World labeled "America."
  • The Islamic State is turning Iraq history-- like that of the ancient site of Nimrud-- to rubble. What few people know is that Agatha Christie had a little-known role in Nimrud.

►Channeling My Inner Elly Mae Clampett◄
  • Be prepared for beauty when one of my favorite wildlife photographers unveils his Best Bird Photos of 2016
  • Researchers have been translating bat talk, and it turns out they argue. A lot. 
  • Here's a slideshow of some absolutely stunning wildlife photos.
  • Watch three men in a rowboat rescue a tangled-up moose. 

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►I ♥ Lists◄

That's all for this week! Don't forget to stop by next Friday when I'll be sharing a freshly selected batch of links for your surfing pleasure.

Have a great weekend, and read something fabulous!


  1. I hope you'll really like your new 'phone, Cathy. And I won't ask why you changed your mind... Instead, I'm going to check out that Da Vinci painting. Have a great weekend!

    1. I am liking the phone. One of these years I may actually learn all the things it can do. ;-)

  2. I laugh and laugh about your new phone. Good luck to you! Love the idea about preserving the Navajo Nation's oral histories. Wish I had my grandmothers' oral histories preserved. I can remember a lot of stories, but not all. Book boxes - I've been tempted, but have not signed up.

    1. Yes, you probably would've been one of those folks inquiring after my mental health! LOL


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