Friday, November 18, 2016

A There Is Light Weekly Link Round-up

I've been quietly gathering items for our Thanksgiving dinner. No need to wait until the last second. The very thought makes me shudder. I spent too many years in retail to enjoy being in the midst of hordes of shoppers... and somehow the hordes in grocery stores seem to be worse. I wonder what that's all about? Label reading? Price comparisons? Who knows!

It's been a rough couple of weeks that I won't go into. I've been trying to focus on things that should be done around here. Shrubbery to prune. Driveway to hose off. Carpets to shampoo. A scarf that I need to finish by the first of December because it's a gift for someone I'll be seeing then.

But most of all... just being kind. Being supportive. I may not know much, but I do know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and being the best human being that I can possibly be will help me arrive at that destination that much quicker.

Now please excuse me while I head on out to the corral for those links. They're getting restless!


►Books, Movies & Other Interesting Tidbits◄

►Channeling My Inner Indiana Jones◄

►Channeling My Inner Elly Mae Clampett◄
  • How a scruffy magpie saved a family. 
  • Animals at the Oregon Zoo play, devour, and smash pumpkins-- and it's fun to watch!

►The Happy Wanderer◄
  • A mysterious "ping" has been reported in the Arctic Ocean
  • Let's visit one of the best bookstores in America: North Carolina's Malaprop's.
  • The nine best train rides for exploring the national parks. 
  • The sun is disappearing, and you have only ten months to prepare. 

►Fascinating Folk◄
  • The first full Edgar Degas retrospective in nearly thirty years shows an artist who liked to be in control. 
  • Desmond Doss, the real Hacksaw Ridge soldier, saved seventy-five men without ever carrying a gun.
  • Why Caravaggio was as shocking as his paintings. 

►I ♥ Lists◄
  • The curse words of Charles Dickens.
  • The tiny houses of famous writers. 
  • The funniest living writers choose the funniest books in the world.
  • Eight absolutely beautiful book covers that will make you feel like you're swimming in color.

That's all for this week! Don't forget to stop by next Friday when I'll be sharing a freshly selected batch of links for your surfing pleasure.

Have a great weekend, and read something fabulous!


  1. I know what you mean, Cathy, about keeping the focus on those little things, and just..moving on. It's how you get through THOSE TIMES. Wishing you better times ahead. And now, it's time to visit the oldest library in continuous use...

    1. I wish us all better times ahead, Margot, no matter the reason.

  2. I have had the same couple of weeks, likely for the same reason. Here's hoping for positive surprises ahead.


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